Tanzania a Land of Optimism and Promise

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today said Tanzania is a land of optimism and promise.

At the meeting with staff and families of Embassy Dar es Salaam, Ms. Clinton said she was in Tanzania 14 years ago with her daughter, Chelsea

“We had such a memorable visit. Many people I’ve seen here since I got off the airplane tell me they met me then. And I had such wonderful memories, I assume they did.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton happily recalled that she was very touched by the people that she met, particularly the women and the civil society groups. They also enjoyed their time traveling around the country from the visit to Arusha, to the crater, to the Serengeti.

“Both my daughter and I saw so much optimism and promise, and today we see even more.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton also thanked Ambassador Eric Goosby and local AIDS coordinator for helping them upgrade roads and build new power lines. She also thanked Dan Neogunis, the president of the Millennium Challenge Corporation for leading work on food security, malaria, and all the other essential areas of health and development from USAID and CDC and HHS through our Global Health Initiative.

“Now, I have been told that serving in Tanzania is, for many of you, a labor of love. Despite the traffic– sometimes despite the lights not staying on – but I understand exactly why.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton reiterated that the United States was trying to support a country that really sees what needs to be done. She stressed there’s no sugarcoating the difficulties. There are lots of obstacles. She shared that she was able to visit several sites that are certainly committed to change, making a real effort, but face a lot of challenges.

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