Tanzania Expands Energy Supply

Tnazania is taking off on so many fronts like expanding energy supply in the region.

In her visit to Symbion Power Plant, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said she found herself standing in front of a very large jet engine which will bring electricity to thousands of homes here in Tanzania, is a good metaphor.

Ms. Clinton said Tanzania is making progress in improving access to electricity in the region.

“And that really means expanding what is possible with reliable, affordable electricity. Hospitals can stay open without fear 24 hours a day. Factories will be able to compete. New businesses and industries can start and succeed.”-Ms. Clinton

According to Ms. Clinton, 14 percent of Tanzanians who have access to the electric grid struggle through blackouts and brownouts. She said some people generate their own power at three times the cost, but most do not have power.

Ms. Clinton elaborated that President Obama has created the Partnership for Growth to help countries identify obstacles to growth, and mobilize theri resources in meeting them.

“And Tanzania is one of four countries in the entire world, one of only two in Africa, that were considered eligible to be the first partners for growth. And we are eager to help Tanzania deliver reliable, affordable electricity to its citizens.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton cited that the island of Zanzibar, with about three-quarters of a million people, gets its electricity from a 30-year-old submarine cable to the mainland. And when that cable falters, the power goes out too.

“Through MCC, we are helping Tanzania build a new cable with more than double the capacity of the old one.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton added building power lines and electric grids may seem to some like boring, dry, technical work, not something that the press would be interested from either Tanzania or the United States. She pointed out that the single biggest reason why development is not succeeding in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, it is because of the lack of energy, and the inability to deliver electricity to people where they can use it.

She added that in Tanzania, they have found a government and a people that understand. She was convinced that this will not only be good for Tanzania, but Tanzania will be a model, not just for Africa, but for the rest of the world.

She highlighted that the United States wants to take every opportunity to help Tanzania overcome all of the obstacles to growth that you face with rural feeder roads

Tanzania’s power generation system encompasses the use of hydro, thermal and gas power. Hydropower contributes the most to Tanzania’s electrical power generation.

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