Southern Sudanese Voice for Freedom and International Christian Concern

A coalition representing all of the Sudan’s marginalized groups asked the United States on Monday for a complete Sudan solution and held that the Islamist government in Khartoum responsible for its actions.

Sudan’s Islamist regime turned down to live by the choices of a boundary commission that sought to re-establish the classic boundary lines between north and south. Sudanese advocates are working with aid groups and legislators to bring this failure to public attention, detailing both a pattern of ignoring established agreements and systematic efforts to depopulate argued border areas of their indigenous populations.

It has been revealed that the Khartoum government is trying to repopulate the region with those who sympathize with their agenda. Delka elders stated that the Arabs who are being resettled into the Abyei boundary region are no other than the same Janjaweed of Dafur.

The coalition includes the Institute on Religion & Democracy, Hudson Institute, ENOUGH Project, Damanga Coalition for Freedom & Democracy, Southern Sudanese Voice for Freedom and International Christian Concern.

“We have lost count how many times the National Congress Party, formerly known as the National Islamic Front, has fooled us in the West” Faith McDonnell, IRD Director of Religious Liberty Programs, stated. “Shame on us for not holding the National Islamic Front accountable for their actions throughout Sudan. Khartoum has never paid a price for its violations, but our friends in Sudan – from South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains, from Darfur, from Nubia, from eastern Sudan – all of them have paid with their land, their culture, and their lives.

“Khartoum has used the promise of conceding to the West’s requests for U.N. peacekeepers in Darfur as a bargaining chip to both figuratively and literally get away with murder. We have continued to make agreements with Khartoum that they have no intention and no basis to keep.

“Violations, violence, displacement, and replacement – Khartoum’s pattern with all of the marginalized people of Sudan. And far too frequently, the U.S. pattern has been to never hold Khartoum accountable.”

Source: Christian Newswire