South Sudan Finally Celebrates ‘Independence’ after Century of War

Republic of South Sudan will finally celebrate its independence on July 9 after a half century of war and more than 2 million people lost.

On Saturday, July 9th, the Republic of South Sudan will celebrate a ceremony to mark its independence, culminating a six-year peace process.

The U.S. presidential delegation to the ceremony will be led by Ambassador to the United Nations, the Honorable Susan Rice. The delegation will travel to Juba to attend this historic event today.

Ambassador Rice today said she was very honored to lead the delegation that will travel on behalf of the United States to Juba to welcome the new Republic of South Sudan into the community of sovereign nations.

Salva Kiir Mayardit, First elected President of Southern Sudan.

Ms. Rice said a very strong and bipartisan American delegation will witness the ceremony.

“It reflects the President’s deep commitment to developments in Sudan and to supporting the new Republic of South Sudan. And we will be active, all of us, all members of this delegation, in our time in Juba, pushing forward on the issues that are so important and remain to be resolved.” -Ms. Rice

She stressed that the American delegation trip will focus on the celebration of the independence of the Republic of South Sudan.

“Our day will include, in addition to the ceremonies, a meeting with President Salva Kiir and a ribbon-cutting to officially transform the U.S. Consulate in Juba into the U.S. Embassy to the new Republic of South Sudan.” -Ms. Rice

Ms. Rice underscored that the independence celebration is a deeply significant event for the people of South Sudan for finally they will have the ability to determine their own future. She added that by any standard, it is a historic moment. She highlighted that it’s occurring as a result of a democratic exercise through a referendum that occurred peacefully and on time is itself all the more remarkable.

She said the United States has worked tirelessly to help make the promise of the moment a reality.

“First, it would not have been possible without the steadfast leadership and personal engagement of President Obama, who raised his voice consistently and eloquently as he did before what was a historic gathering at the United Nations last September, where he spoke in support, quote, “of a future where, after the darkness of war, there can be a new day of peace and progress.” -Ms. Rice

Ms. Rice pointed out that their efforts have also been championed by Secretary of State Clinton and bolstered by the hard work of General Scott Gration, Ambassador Princeton Lyman, Ambassador Carson, and many others who have logged dozens of trips to the region and countless sleepless hours on the phone and around the negotiating table.

A referendum on independence for Southern Sudan was held in January 2011. Majority of the electorate opted for secession. The President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir has accepted the results. President al-Bashir later issued a Republican Decree confirming the result of the referendum.

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