An Interview with Ginette Lucas, the Psychic Who Knew Where Caylee Was!

The world of psychics or fortunetellers is a foreign one for me. And yet I’ve often believed there must be something to it. The episode of two private investigators probing the woods off Suburban Drive, searching for Caylee Anthony less than one month before she was found, is a spring well of fascination for me.

Was this coincidental? Didn’t Casey’s friends hint at the fact they would often play in these woods when they were kids? And did these friends say that the Anthonys would bury their pets at this accursed location? Better yet, how did a psychic know this was the exact spot?

ginny lucas

Last Sunday I was fortunate enough to receive an email from a real psychic, Ginette Lucas, who knew precisely where Caylee’s remains were, and well before the formal discovery by Roy Kronk. Okay, so there’s room to quibble on this crucial issue. But I better run for my life before I sink in the murky muck of reasonable consternation. Let her rip!

(Ginette Lucas) Cindy Anthony did not hire me. I was asked, while working on several other missing persons’ cases to aid in the search for Caylee, I guess around June(ish). I received a call and e-mails from Dearmont, which people think is my e-mail … it is not my e-mail, and never has been. The e-mails from me would be from [email protected] or if from Dearmont, hopefully, not altered, or they would have been forwarded to Dominic Casey, I would not have known that information.

Back to your original question, did Cindy hire me, absolutely not. Dominic and Detective Allen were contacted by a man in Winchester, who was the logistics coordinator, on the Anthony case, among others, as I will mention, to help clarify. His name was Luke Phillips … some people think he and I are the same person, quite not so.

When I worked on the Chandra Levy case, and others I worked with a wonderful community coordinator, Keith Jarrell, in Wash., D.C. He is still my point of contact. On other cases, I call them coordinators, for the cases, which is exactly what Luke Phillips @ Dearmont coordinated between either Dominic Casey and Det. Allen.

I have had very little communication with Dominic Casey. I also had very few phone calls, between myself and Dominic Casey. Luke Phillips, was kind enough, like myself to work on this case, as a volunteer, nothing more. We were not paid, we had no workings with the PI’s in Florida. I am a former Virginia licensed Private Investigator. I acted on my position of “Dowsing” to pinpoint the site for Dominic, who in turn worked for the Anthony’s.

I have many cases, where someone is the intermediary. I am unaware of the relationship working wise with Cindy and Dominic Casey, other than …. I know when I spoke with Dominic Casey the day I told him that I had the location, that he was going to call Cindy and possibly her son, and let them know, “what was happening.”

Dominic was polite, he told me he had not been paid by anyone, and he was originally, volunteering to aid Baez on the Anthony Case, because he saw the trauma, the Anthony family was going thru, fueled by the public outrage, and pre judgments.

Again, to my knowledge, Hoover, was “just” a helper with security, and assistance to the Anthony family on the case, aiding to locate their missing granddaughter. I was not privy to his financial arrangements with Dominic, or the Anthony family, except the hearsay on the agreements, told to me by Dominic.

Oddly enough, people kept saying I was discussing selling stories with Dominic … I don’t recall that scenario … I was contacted by documentary houses, nothing to do with the Anthony Case, but other cases I had been working on, and cases I had been successful on in the past, and in various states or out of the country.

Several production houses, news media, magazines, reporters, etc., call my family for “dowsing” or Psychic info on possible reality shows, articles, etc., regularly. Some documentary houses, call us regularly…these are paying possibilities.

The fees from the shows financially support cases, where we are requested to volunteer and aid in the pinpointing of a person (which costs us, plenty of out of pocket expenses, including nannies or babysitters, travel, expenses, etc. (or even maps).

I don’t know how I can candidly answer your questions in a short manner. This case, the Anthony case, is just as complicated, as other cases. This particular case, just blew up, in the press / media, and takes up time, over other important cases that need to be in the news and limelight.

Regarding Luke Phillips, my father met him, while he was at a Dowsing meeting, years earlier. He was at the American Dowsing Society, probably in the Leesburg, VA area, I assume. My father, thought that Luke was highly interested in “dowsing” for the purpose of locating missing persons.

Additionally, years later, Mr. Phillips came to my fathers house with a file folder marked with the name of a new association (non-profit) that Mr. Phillips was hoping to put together. I have the folder, from Mr. Phillips. Apparently, the non-profit was to aid in locating missing persons, using the paranormal or usage of dowsing.

Not meaning, to go on and on; Mr. Phillips eventually contacted me, through my father, who, doesn’t always enjoy locating missing persons, or objects. My specialty is locating missing persons, alive, and deceased for FBI, DEA, Police Dept.s’ and families. Hence, I started working for Mr. Phillips without pay, on a volunteer basis. Mr. Phillips has always been a gentlemen to me, and so has Mr. Casey.

I was “shocked” to read their verbiage about me…later in the press about their e-mail communications. They are simply two people chatting, and saying blah, blah, blah about people. Fortunately, their opinions are strictly two men’s opinions, yapping. Had I known this info, I probably wouldn’t have even tried to locate Caylee, but I did, with my free time, taken away from my little girls and their time, from their mommy.

Just to let you know, I have never spoken on the phone with Cindy Anthony, never received a note from her, I have never e-mailed her. I have never spoken or written to any of the Anthony’s in letter form, or even e-mail form..

The guessing by the public is utterly ridiculous … there are no letters from me, directly or indirectly, which proves, there is no communication or form of hiring me, as volunteer or for a fee, via any of the Anthony’s or even Dominic Casey (or his crew). The communication did not happen, period.

You can note that my father is listed, and has been interviewed probably in over 50 books, in 54 languages. I have been in several books, myself, in over 54 languages, we have a pretty good track record. We have worked for the US Military, and other military governments. We have worked for Senators offices, we are frequently called to work on various projects worldwide, where we customize the fee.

We have a small fee for readings … $75. per l/2 reading, $150. for a l hour reading, we have a fee for business readings of approximately $500. Depending on the buried treasure cases, the fee ranges from $600. to $1,500. We have never, ever charged anyone $5,000. The persons in the publics eye may say they paid us that amount, they may have confused that amount, with which they paid their private investigator…not us, other wise, it is considered slander.

I am pleased to say that I am written up in the Smithsonian Mag., in a positive direction, by author, writer Jack Hope, of NYC. The article was written in 1996, Jan. issue, with an Asian girl riding a bike on the cover. There was a half a page of past interview and “test” info. written about in the article and my accuracy ratio.

I am very good, at my work, and I am very sad and upset by the pathetic lies, slander, and incorrect info. written about my work on the internet including being called a psycho by a writer on CNN. Believe me… I have lawyers to move on such ugly lies.

John, I go on vacation Fri. I may not have time to cover the other questions, until I return in about 10 days. I will try my best to set the record straight, and I willing to take a lie detector test, to prove my answers are correct regarding this case. My private number is blank blank blank. Best wishes – ginette You will note I have an agent, Jim Napier, who can help if an emergency arises, while I am gone.

(Ginette Lucas) Hey John give me a call … new business line number directly to me blank blank blank – I will try to explain the paver stones…basically I work with landmarks…the first landmark was leaving the house, going to the end of the street/stop sign, the next step…take a right, the next step look to the right see abandoned or empty house, maybe for sale or foreclosure, a little grassy or uncut grass…a little run down from being empty.

white paver stones

I saw the “word” suburban, next landmark, stand at the back of the house on the corner, face woods or tell me Dominic where are the woods, north or west? Next landmark … dominic do you see 3 paver stones? Do you see white trash or brown / black/dark green trash bag torn apart after going by the paver stones? No, he said there were “no paver stones – just rocks”; I had a client call and confirm the white paver stones were there.

Maybe Dominic didn’t want to do this – he was very upset…walk past the paver stones, go into the woods, I can tell she is right there in the trash with l or 2 trash bags….she was originally put in a white cloth laundry bag, I told him; then it became brown or black or dark green because of the elements, then she was moved several times, from a garage, and put in a plastic bag, like a leaf or trash bag.

Dominic said he saw black or green or brown trash bags, I told him don’t get upset look for bones, or tissue focus, focus, focus…this is for her, not for us….bring the baby home. I told Dominic be brave, and don’t look for a little girl on the curb, you are looking for trash – so sad, and Dominic started crying – he was traumatized, obviously…

dominic casey

He couldn’t stay on the phone. Dominic then noticed he was being videotaped by Hoover – he got very upset. I said and yelled at him – get in there, go in the woods – she is right there – I might of yelled a curse word. Let’s get this done – he was very very emotional, compassionate and trying not to throw up. Homicides effect everyone, from the dowser, / psychic, to the volunteer searchers, etc. I felt bad for him.

He said he had to take a call from his daughter, who was very ill, so we called back and forth, which was proven on disclosure when he interviewed with the cops, eventually. Hope that helps…the pavers were there. When I am on the phone with someone – they should lie to me – it alters the info. I can help a lot of cases, if people gave it a shot…

I have received 10 requests to locate missing persons, since the news broke from Dominic stating I was correct. The tragedy is that there are sooo many cases I could solve, let’s help these families with closure. My aunt was murdered…it takes a toll on every family, I do understand. Best wishes – ginette

John You can see the white paver stones on Jim Hoover’s video. Dominic probes under and around the (magical) stones with his stick. Jim was on Nancy Grace the other night, and he revealed just how close they had come to the actual spot where the remains were ultimately found, less than one month later.

Hoover said they were within 30-50 yards away. Amazing! And it was the psychic, Ginette Lucas, who knew where the remains were. How is this possible? More than meets the eye in her divining art. I guess I will have to ask her some more questions, to see if I can find out how she knew that Caylee was there.

The crystal ball of divination is still somewhat cloudy for an ignorant layman. And what about the teddy bear of Caylee’s sent by Cindy to Ginny? Is this a pipedream too? Part II is right around the bend!

Jim Hoover’s Pristine Video of Dominic Casey Searching the Woody Swamp off Suburban Drive (Orlando, Florida November 15, 2008)