ManageVision Introduces CloudVision

Who says only Apple and Microsoft can battle it out in the clouds? CloudVision, a new division of ManageVision, is addressing the growing costs, complexity and lack of security found in many small businesses operating on a traditional desktop or those that use a server-computing model.

Using the latest virtualization technology, CloudVision will provide businesses across the world with solutions that address the most common challenges at a fraction of a cost. Its strategy creates an operating environment that does not compromise functionality, reliability, expandability or speed. CloudVision’s technology reduces operating expenses and permits users to access critical data from anywhere in the world with a high-speed Internet connection.

“We are at the advent of a new computing model that will revolutionize the technology industry. The traditional computing model, such as desktop PCs and small business servers, will give way to solutions that provide ubiquitous, on-demand access from a variety of devices, including smart phones and tablets,” said Michael J. Bettigole, CEO of ManageVision. “Large corporations are already embracing the cloud model and realizing the substantial financial, operational, and management benefits. CloudVision is well positioned to bring these significant benefits to small-and-medium sized companies as well as individual users.”

This is good news considering the US technology industry outlook for 2011 will have a repeat of last year’s 8 percent overall domestic growth rate. In 2010, the US technology sector experienced growth about as twice as fast as the US economy. Experts in the sector believe the story for this year will remain the same.

ManageVision’s cloud-based software suite permits transparency and control to senior executives who are charged with forging the company strategy and delivering strategic solutions. For example, its Gnosis Business Suite strengthens accountability surrounding finance, compliance and delivery to ensure cost is controlled, and budgets across the entire organization are tracked with simplicity. With a common, functional dashboard that everyone can work from, teams interact, communicate and deliver more effectively with less overhead and wasted effort no matter where they are in the world.

Because of these promising features, TGI Group, a diversified holding company, announced a 25 percent interest in ManageVision. TGI’s strategy is to acquire new patented technologies, components, processes, designs and methods with commercial value that will give market advantage and generate shareholder value.

ManageVision is a technically innovative software company that provides a diversified product line of cloud computing applications and services to businesses of all sizes, helping them realize operational and financial control with simple-to-use tools that are extremely cost effective.