Tre Armstrong Continues to ‘Give Back’ to Canada

CANADA (Sasha Stoltz Publicity): Tre Armstrong returns for another summer of So You Think Can Dance Canada?, as her non-profit foundation has developed Sunday’s “The Give Back” at Canada’s National Ballet School (400 Jarvis Street, Toronto) hosted by A New Dance Academy for the Entertainment Industry (A New D.A.E.I.). The free event will also have SYTYCDC runner-up/finalist Amanda Cleghorn and several from the show’s Top 20 joining Tre helping dancers find their groove both on and off the floor.

GEG: What can viewers this season on So You Think You Can Dance Canada?

This season, every dancer has already come with more than “A” game. They have a “Star Plan”! Each dancer is super unique in their dance styles and also their own personalities. They are so sweet yet fierce as dancers at the same time, beautiful!

GEG: What is the importance of naming A New D.A.E.I. “A New Dance Academy for the Entertainment Industry”?

Well, every name in life should evoke emotion. After a bad day, everyone looks forward to a new day and now dancers can look forward to A New DAEI. It brings positive energy mixed with all the tools needed to advance steadily into the professional dance and entertainment industries. It was very important our dance studio name told people who we were, what services we provide and why we are a one-of-a-kind dance company.

GEG: Besides liking the music ’cause of the beat that can make you move, what are the character traits that you’re looking for in dancers?

Uber-personality mixed with sensational dance talent. Technique in dance genres is very important, but combined with the “it” factor is what gets you recognized…and hired for jobs!

GEG: Any plans for expanding your company in the near future, such as acting, screenwriting, and singing workshops?

Great question! We do plan after a few years to expand A New DAEI into more communities. For the last four years, I have been developing a special dance game. Now I am getting ready to bring this to the general public, youth and adults, and that is my next big venture.

GEG: Why is it so important to yourself to “Give Back” to future dancers, your community, and to the world of urban culture and hip-hop?

I am successful not just because I worked really hard at all my talents, but because I always remembered that all my talents were a gift, nurtured by people around me who saw my true potential. Now that this platform has been created and I am so thankful for it, it’s time to live up to my responsibilities and empower, enable and mentor other kids coming up, the same way I was.

GEG: Tell us about “The Give Back” Event happening this Sunday

It’s a FREE day of dance! We have my TV husband Jean-Marc Genereux teaching a Jive workshop. I am teaching Hip Hop basic intermediate and advanced/master class, plus classes like Zuumba, Dancehall, Capoeira, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, House and new, our “Freestyle Swag” class. We accept donations at the event to keep this event going and expand it across Canada. All donations go to The Tre Armstrong Give Back Foundation.

GEG: Tell us about the Dance Classes that A New D.A.E.I. offers

We offer classes in Hip Hop, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Contemporary, Dancehall, “Freestyle Swag” (how to dance freely, without choreography), “TnT” (dancing in high heels, for ages 16+) and special events. One is called Groove Central which is a dance party for ages 14-17.

GEG: Besides So You Think You Can Dance Canada?, A New D.A.E.I., and this fundraising event, what about upcoming film work?

The Indo-Canadian film titled Breakaway is released this summer, executive produced by Russell Peters. I was honored to choreograph the Bollywood video by artists Akshay Kumar (India’s biggest star) and Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris.

GEG: What’s on your agenda for the rest of this summer as well as 2011?

I am in the middle of opening up my dance studio in Brampton, Ontario. In the meantime, we have dance classes ALL summer and yes, I am teaching too! Check out

As well, my foundation plans to begin urban dance and music programs across Ontario starting late 2011. Stay in contact with us at

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