Somali TFG Wants to Mislead Somalia

Mr. Omar Islow, a Somali MP today said that the Somali transitional government wants to mislead the community of Somalia.

Speaking to the press, Omar Islow has notified journalists that the government led by president Sharif failed to maintain security in Mogadishu.

Similarly, Asha Ahmed Abdalla one of Somali MPs blamed the parliament for ignoring several letters of motions from the government to be discussed and approved by the legislators.

The speaker of Somali transitional federal parliament, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden on Thursday denied allegation from the Somali interim government saying that the legislators ignored a number letters from the government.

The speaker of Somali parliament, Aden firmly said, “This is a groundless and artificial report from the office of parliament.”

The letters about which Somali federal government inquired the parliament to debate and endorse Somalia agreements with Iran, Turkey, Indonesia and Sudan.

Recently, Somali government informed the MPs of some accords which Somali TFG signed with Sudan, Turkey, Indonesia, Iran and other governments.

“The speaker of the parliament has boycotted the government’s calls for a meetings among the government and parliament to end the disagreements,” said in statement issued by the Somali transitional federal government.

The speaker of the Somali transitional federal government Abdirahman Omar Yarisow said that the elections will take place in the country this year. He urged all parties in the government to uphold the leadership.

The presidential elections are due to take place in August in Somalia to replace the current leadership of the Somali’s transitional federal Government led by Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

Somalia is one of the top agenda of the United Nations since the collapse of the central government in 1991. The country has been subject to widespread violence and instability.