Somali Businessman Shot in Nairobi

Three unknown gunmen had shot and killed a prominent Somali businessman in Nairobi’s Eastlight district. The man was a peace-loving resident in the Kenyan capital.

Aadan Hilowle Malin was attacked by gunmen in Eastlight while he was carrying at least 10,000$ in cash for his company.

The attack also injured a woman named Sharif Adow. She was admitted to Aga Khan hospital.

Dr. Abdinur Aray, a famous doctor from the Galguduud region of Somalia, was unharmed during the attack.

The armed men were thought to be Kenyans. They fled after killing the man, said Dr. Abdinur Aray.

Kenyan bandits frequently kill and rob Somali people in Eastlight village in Nairobi.