UNMIN Committed Blunders in Nepal

From the very beginning, Nepal is respectfully following the objectives of United Nations. UN is working for peace in Nepal. The main objective of UNMIN was to establish peace in Nepal. But in the contrary, the “Team of Representatives-UNMIN” had exercised initiatives against the peace process in Nepal. We were totally puzzled, whether UNMIN was here to establish peace or confuse people. UNMIN cannot understand the reality. They had instigated civil war in Nepal. UNMIN cannot manage the systematic peaceful points with the Maoist.

Nepalese people had expected that the UN’s role would be impartial. But the UN could not remain neutral. The UNMIN listens only to the Maoist rebels and the corrupt leaders of the so-called big party. Thus, UNMIN totally disregarded the aspiration of majority of the Nepalese people.

From the very beginning, UNMIN became active to demoralize the Nepal Army. It only supported the Maoist’s interest and its rebel by allowing them to keep the weapons with them in the cantonment. UNMIN joined the hands with Maoist for secularism and federalism without condition. To keep National Army inside the barrack, does it indicate the establishment of peace as he tried to present the Maoist militia at par with the National Army?

We, Nepalese nationalists never forget the bad intention of UNMIN. Four years ago, UNMIN’s military chief Jan Erik Wilhelson damaged the neutral role of the UN and propping up the rebel forces. It indicated his neutral role and his effort to establish peace in the country.

We have found so many conspiracy evidences in Nepal that the International forces- UNMIN, OHCHAR, CIA and European nations have been a contriving to muster economic resources amounting to billions for Christianity in Nepal. It has been written that many international non government organizations are spending 10 to 15 billion yearly to alter Nepal’s identity by edifying its religion and culture by Christianity. They know-Nepal is the pious Hindu country in the lapse of the Himalayas, which is beautiful, quiet, the birth place of Buddha and origin of Hinduism.

Since 2006-the foreigners had adopted a new agenda for succeeding these works. They have analyzed that the shortest way to achieve their goals is to influence the Bhramins-90% and none Bramins only10 % of the political parties and the NGOs here. They have understood that investing on various ethnic people and Dalits or non-Bhramins is not as much influential as it is by investing on the Bhramins. Secularism was declared with the activities of Bhramin leaders.

The great blunder of UNMIN was to ask the government for not recruiting new personnel in the Nepal army and also not providing lethal arms to the Nepal army, a national security force. Nowhere in the world, would a country be able to protect its sovereignty by making the national army weak and powerless? The national army can’t compare with Maoist’s army. Now, in Nepal, now, we have two kinds of army- the national army and the Maoist’s army. Can we imagine two kinds of army in a country? Why UNMIN was not responsible for the overall management and supervision of Maoist army and their movement?

Now, we understood the intention of UN, UNMIN and including Indian intelligence wing, RAW. They tried to destroy all the identities of Hindus and Buddhists with the help of Maoist’s army. The UNMIN had exceeded its limit and the jurisdiction awarded to this UN body. In such condition, we are feeling the virus of UNMIN was more dangerous than swine flu.

Yes, the cause of the crisis in Nepal was not only UNMIN but also the culprit party leader’s betrayals. They (Maoist, Congress and UML) deceived the agreement with the King- 24th April 2006. And then they, themselves, invited the Indian, UNMIN CIA and other foreigner’s interventions.