Recent Trend of Elections and Democracies is Promising in Africa

Under Secretary Maria Otero for Democracy and Global Affairs today stressed recent trend of elections and democracies in Africa is promising.

In her remarks that on the “Democratic Republic of the Congo and African Democracy Trends,” Ms. Otero said the United States welcomes the recent peaceful transfer of power in Zambia and the successful elections in Guinea, Niger, Benin and Nigeria.

“The foundation of democracy is holding strong in each of these countries, and their societies are more stable and prosperous for it.” -Ms. Otero

Ms. Otero highlighted that fragile states around the world can only grow strong through their own political will to do so. She cited that no matter how much support they receive from outside partners, they must secure the mandate of their people to govern.

“I want to make that point at the outset, because I think it underscores the intrinsic significance of elections. They are the primary vehicle through which the people can determine the future of the a country. And they play a crucial role on the path to stability and growth – not just in the Congo but everywhere.” -Ms. Otero

She highlighted that the United States is deeply committed to supporting the continued progress of democratic development of the Congo. This includes not only elections but respect for human rights, civic participation, government services, and strengthened rule of law and accountability.

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