My Forward Look and My Look Backward

I turned on the TV the other evening and found an interesting show, Beyond Belief, a program trying to explain after death or near death experiences. I was amused at best but certainly not impressed. What stood out was how ABC was trying to minimize the reality that life after death is real. This hour program gave view points from science, doctors, and those who have had the experiences of after life experiences. Even one person gave his experience of knowing he was going to die and how he relived his life in a fraction of a minute.

These types of programs are at best vague about the fact that life never ends. We live in this body until we pass from this existence into the next one. What is so hard about knowing we, meaning people, have within our body a living spirit that keeps us alive? This spirit never dies and will always live even through eternity and beyond. Now if we take this as fact the rest is easy to deal with. So the problem lies with the fact that we, really don’t know who we are and what life is all about. Then how can a net work run a program that has no meaning?

Science claims they have answers to questions that they don’t even understand completely themselves. What are we becoming? Einstein said when questioned about the difference between genius and stupidity, “genius has its limits; “from that we gain the idea that stupidity has no limits? Well my friend’s life is an experience that can’t be measured with mortal judgments.

If life continues after death then what people see after death isn’t a dream nor is a mind doing tricks on people. It isn’t a flying saucer experience but the human body dying and the spirit of man living on after the death of the body. What science does is classify these types of experience as hallucinatory. The brain was either under stress or lack of oxygen or under the affects of drugs. Now be honest is that a very honest opinion for anyone who claims to be a scientist?

It is estimated that eighty million people have had after death experiences. How can each one be accounted as hallucinatory, without oxygen or under the influence of drugs? Eighty million divided by three make twenty-six million people are having the same reaction to one of their theories. I really don’t understand why we ask scientist about spiritual experiences. Would you go to a sheep shearer to get a haircut?

Well science has their opinions just like everyone else has about life. But I certainly am not going to answer a scientific question but for something like this I will ask the source of all knowledge, God. Will I get an answer? Yes why not He expects us to ask questions and he answers those questions. Why depend on a mortal man to answer such a spiritual question. How long will it take for the answer? That entirely depends on faith and desire to know the answer.

If it seems like this person is too simplistic about this subject, it is because I have had an after death experience. Did I go to my doctor or a scientist to understand the situation? No I went directly to my Father in Heaven for the answer. The answer came after many days of sincere prayer; I must keep sacred things sacred and not to address others with my story unless it is for the benefit of others who doubt or lack faith. He also related to me my experience was for me to understand.

My conclusion is life just didn’t start when I was born. When one dies and leaves their body behind and sees their body laying on a bed or gurney it should be evident the spirit goes forward without the body. The spirit is really you and what kept the body alive. When the spirit is told to return to the body then and only then does the body take on true life again. The spirit and the body make the soul of man.

I have shared my story but only on occasion when it felt appropriate. From the years past I have learned how and when to talk about this very sacred subject. Am I special? No just another of the eighty million who God has revealed his will upon. Do I doubt my experience? No but when my faith wavered I wondered but never denied my experience. How then can this person be so sure we live beyond death? I was there and saw and heard and cannot deny that experience.

I no longer doubt and I hold this experience as sacred. Those of you who have experienced this after life or death experience, which ever you choose to call it, need to ratify it with God if you haven’t done so already. Life is forever and when people come to this reality this old earth will become the great world it is capable of becoming because man understands. People can’t live life fully to its potential until they realize there is no one other than oneself to blame for whom and what we become. Your life belongs to you and you are responsible only to God for who you become.

No one can harm the man who does himself no wrong.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.