Guinea’s Treasury Director Murdered in Conakry

Ministry of Finance Treasury Director Aissatou Boiro, a champion of the anti-graft movement was murdered by unidentified gunmen in Conakry.

Reports say Aissatou Boiro was shot dead by unidentified attackers in military uniforms as she was returning home in her car where several passengers in the car were wounded as well.

Condemning the murder of Ms. Aissatou Boiro, the United States of America today extended its deepest condolences to Treasury Director’s family and the people of Guinea.

Guinean children.

In his remarks at Washington DC today, Deputy Spokesperson Mark C. Toner says the US government deplores this act and all forms of violence against public servants and innocent citizens.

Mr. Toner says Ms. Boiro was a strong advocate of transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption within the Ministry of Finance.

Senior Guinean Government officials have stated publicly that this was a targeted killing, and the Government of Guinea has pledged to make a full investigation, he added.

“We urge the Government of Guinea to investigate this heinous crime and hold accountable those responsible for Ms. Boiro’s murder.” -Mr. Toner

He adds that the United States will continue to work with the Government of Guinea to combat corruption in all its forms.

Violence has marked the country’s history since it fought for, and ultimately won, independence from Portugal in 1974.

Prominent rivalries between military and political leaders have sparked repeated coups and attempted coups, and a civil war in the late 1990s.

Guinea has been in turmoil since Captain Moussa Dadis Camara seized power in a coup in 2008.

In November 2010, the election of Alpha Conde as President was the final stage of an interim Government’s efforts to set the stage for democracy in the country.

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