Democratic Republic of Congo Celebrates its National Day

The citizens of Democratic Republic of the Congo today celebrated the 52nd anniversary of their independence.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo Independence Day is celebrated to commemorate the country’s liberation from Belgium in 1960. The day is observed on June 30 every year.

Majority of the people of Democratic Republic of the Congo consider the the special as the most important occasion in their life. Democratic Republic of the Congo was a colony of Belgium from 1908 to 1960.

Congo’s Independence Day is observed to pay tribute to the people who sacrificed their lives for the cause of the independence of their country.

Collecting firewood in Basankusu.

At DC today, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sent her best wishes to the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo as they celebrate the anniversary of their independence.

“The United States values its longstanding history of partnership and cooperation with the Democratic Republic of the Congo.” -Ms. Clinton

She says both the United States and Congo are working to strengthen security, improve human rights and build a strong, stable, and prosperous Congo.

“As you celebrate your independence day, know that the United States is committed a brighter future for the Congolese people. Congratulations and best wishes for a year of peace, prosperity, and happiness.” -Ms. Clinton

The United States remains deeply committed to supporting the democratic development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The US government considers the presidential and legislative elections that took place as scheduled on November 28 are an important milestone for the Congo.

During the elections, there were large voter turnout and enthusiasm for the elections broadly reflect the determination of the Congolese people for a peaceful and democratic reconstruction of their country.

The United States continues to urge all Congolese political leaders and their supporters to act responsibly and to renounce violence, and reminds the Government of the DRC of its responsibility to provide security for the Congolese population.

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