Angolan Policemen Torture Somali Prisoners

Young Somali immigrants who are detained in Angola prisons are complaining about the police, who they said have tortured them.

These youngsters, who are currently detained in Angola, contacted Shabelle radio to expose the tribulations they have encountered since they were jailed by the Angolan police.

One of the prisoners said, “The Angolan policemen have tortured us. They have committed atrocious violations against humanity and personal dignity. We are more than 50-prisoners and we have been in the custody for one year and half. Some of us were transferred to another jails. Some of our inmates have just disappeared. We are requesting the Somali TFG and other international human rights associations to help us.”

Most of the Somali immigrants were arrested, looted and tortured while heading for South Africa. Recently, many Somali immigrants have been kidnapped, tortured and murdered by the protesters who accuse them of working for the Gaddafi regime. It seems as if the international community is doing absolutely nothing to help these poor people, who are being persecuted for no reason.

When Somalia’s central rule collapsed in 1991, thousand of Somali people fled from their conutry. They are now facing countless problems in many countries worldwide.