Al Shabaab Kills Two Somali Women for Their Patriotism

Members of the Al Shabaab militia in the lower Shabelle region of Somalia have killed two women because they showed that they love their country.

Reports say that the two women were killed on Monday after they refused to hand over the national Somali flag to Al Shabaab members. All of this took place in Shalambod district in the lower Shabelle region of Somalia.

According to radio Mogadishu, the national radio station, the women were showing the national flag in the center of Shalambod town.

The leader of the Al Shabaab extremists reportedly ordered the forces to kill the two women because they chose to use the national Somali flag instead of the “black flag” that is used by Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda in Somalia.

Al Shabaab forces have forbidden the use of the official national Somali flag and instead advise people to use the flag that Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda terrorists use.

This action by Al Shabaab was the first step to force their flag on the people under their control and to make them reject the national flag.

The people of Shalambod town were enraged by merciless actions and protested angrily in the streets.

Most of the people hate the repressive actions of Al Shabaab against humanitarion aid agencies, freedom of expression and people’s patriotism.

The extremist Al Shabaab often copy their type of actions and restrictions from terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hassan Ali Gesey is an experienced correspondent in Mogadishu, Somalia.