ZZ Troutski’s Fly Box: Tying a Dubbing Leech

The Dubbing Leech is another great fly for beginners. This pattern is easy, inexpensive and a great fly to cast stream side.

With this in mind, the beginner can afford to lose flies in the brush or stream and concentrate on enhancing casting techniques.

I have used this fly pattern both heavily weighted and un-weighted with fantastic results and great to use warm or cold water. This fly also works well on either a turned down or straight eye hook. I have caught trout of every size and even a few bass with this particular pattern.

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(Use your favorite brand*)

– Dai Riki #210 hook size 2/0 – #10 (hook in a – 2, 3, or 4 extra long)

-Dubbing with sparkle or without

-Thread 3/0 or 6/0

-Peacock Sword

You may also rib this fly with gold, silver, mylar, or any material you can imagine. Try using wire, tinsel or even cross-stitch floss for different effects. I have caught a lot of fish by creating new “recipes”.

Tight Lines.

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