Al Shabaab Bomb Makers Die in Explosion

At least five members of Al Shabaab were killed when an explosive device exploded when they were preparing for an attack against the TFG end AMISOM peacekeeping forces.

The Shabaab militants were preparing the explosives in the Dayniile district of Mogadishu, a stronghold of Al Shabaab foreign fighters.

The explosion took place on Saturday afternoon according to Radio Mogadishu, the government controlled radio station.

The five members of Al Shabaab are said to be the very same specialists that always prepare explosives for the bomb attacks against TFG and AMISOM troops.

Some sources claimed that the explosion took place in a house where foreign Al Shabaab troops were staying. The men that were responsible for the explosion were also said to be foreign.

It is not the first time that Al-Shabaab bomb makers die in an explosion when preparing explosives for an attack against the TFG forces and AMISOM peacekeepers.