Go Now: Addictive World of Entertainment

Good afternoon, everyone! It is time to Go Now once again, where I bring you what’s been going in the addictive world of entertainment:

  • It looks like Samuel L. Jackson will be one of The Avengers, as the actor is in talks with Marvel Entertainment to sign a nine-picture deal to play superspy Nick Fury in the upcoming Iron Man 2 and eight more comic-book movies that may include Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, and their sequels as well. Jackson first portrayed Fury in a cameo in the first Iron Man last summer, where he approached Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) about The Avengers Institute.
  • CANADA (Sasha Stoltz Publicity): Reelworld is preparing for their 9th Annual Film Festival, the non-profit film festival that continues to rise as it honors cultural diversity in front and behind the camera. The event showcases the best in features, documentaries, animations, shorts, and music videos all over the world — giving those the opportunity to connect with professionals in the film industry as well as promoting and growing Canadian talent. The festival will take place at the Cineplex Odeon Carlton Cinema (20 Carlton Street, Toronto) and the Scotiabank Theatres (259 Richmond Street West, Toronto) from April 15-19; tickets will be on sale March 18. For more information, go to Reelworld’s website, or email them at [email protected] And remember to contact Sasha Stoltz for media inquiries at 416-579-4804 or email her at [email protected]

    Black History Month

  • The year of 1984 was the comeback of Tina Turner, as she regains her reign as the Queen of Rock with Private Dancer, which spawned five Top 40 hits — including her #1 smash “What’s Love Got To Do With It?,” which won both Record and Song of the Year at the 1985 Grammy Awards.
  • Also in 1984, Eddie Murphy reached box-office superstar status in Beverly Hills Cop, about a wisecracking, streetwise Detroit detective tracking his friend’s killer to California. Originally, the film was a vehicle for action hero Sylvester Stallone but the actor wanted it to be more violent, which led him to passed on the project and started working on his 1986 film Cobra, in which he co-wrote. Beverly Hills Cop grossed over $200 million dollars domestically, gave Murphy a Golden Globe nomination, and spawned two sequels; a fourth one is in the works and is scheduled for a 2010 release.
  • And finally, Nadya Suleman — aka Octomom — continues to make waves and headlines, as part two of her exclusive interview with Dr. Phil airs tonight. Most recently, the single mother of fourteen has talked to Entertainment Tonight this week, and was online when Radar Online posted a 30-minute confrontation between her and her mother. And it has been reported by them that she turned $1 million dollars to do adult films for Vivid Entertainment. Don’t forget Nadya’s interview with Dr. Phil concludes tonight in syndication, so check your local listings.

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