Weekend Premiership Predictions and Previews – In-Play Money Makers

The tips have been coming in thick and fast with only a few falling beyond the mark. The In-Play bets and predictions have also been a glowing success with odds upwards of 15/1 tipped at the weekend for Aston Villa to come back to beat Reading.

To me, In-Play is the best way to bet on the matches, as the odds can be far greater. The way it works is simple, after the game kicks off the betting site keeps on ticking and rearranges itself to suit what is happening on the field. If side A were odds-on to win before the game, but go 1-0 down in the first half, then their odds should jump to 3/1 or 4/1. So it’s just a matter of waiting. To share these In-Play bets check out the tips below or follow me on Twitter (give me a shout during the match as I often forgot to announce my bets, recently letting a 10/1 call for Lyon to come back against Madrid go un-tweeted) and take a look at the follow sites for some free bets.

Standard Predictions:

In my eyes these games will only go one way and are not In-Play markets waiting to be plundered.

Tottenham v Blackburn – Saturday 13th

At home and in form Spurs will take some stopping. Blackburn managed to put up a good fight away to Liverpool recently but at White hart Lane I envisage them to fall by at least two goals. Look for a -1 Handicap bet for Spurs.

Birmingham v Everton – Saturday 13th

Everton will be favored here but I think Birmingham will hold them to a draw. The defensive capabilities of the home side are strong as well, which means that 0-0 is a good bet, backed up by a bet on 1-1.

Bolton v Wigan – Saturday 13th

Again I think we have a draw on the cards, although this one is very dodgy. Bolton were great when winning away to West Ham but were shocking the following week away to Sunderland. Wigan have been poor in general but they managed to beat Liverpool last time out. Avoid if you can but if you got to do it then go for a low scoring draw.

Burnley v Wolves – Saturday 13th

Two teams that are really not playing very well and are struggling to find the results. I am inclined to swing for Wolves though.

In-Play matches:

Keep an eye on these games to see how things go. Stay logged into the betting sites and be ready to bet if things begin to swing the way you want them to.

Chelsea v West Ham – Saturday 13th

Chelsea will be big favorites for this. Don’t hold out too much hope here, this is a game I won’t be paying much attention too. Chelsea’s odds make them unworthy of a pre-game bet, but I can’t see West Ham scoring first. If they do score within the first half hour expect Chelsea to come back and win by two. If it remains 0-0 past the hour mark, expect Chelsea to nick it late.

Stoke v Aston Villa – Saturday 13th

Aston Villa should win here but Stoke can easily surprise them with their long throws and they could easily take the lead, pushing Villa’s odds up. I am looking forward to this one, Villa came back from a 2-0 deficit to win at Reading and give great odds in the FA Cup, hopefully they can do the same here. If Stoke somehow find themselves 2-0 up at the break, split your bet in half and put half on the draw and half on a Villa win.

Hull v Arsenal – Saturday 13th

Just like the Chelsea game there is little expectation here but with Hull on home soil against a depleted Arsenal team (who played midweek in the Champions League) anything can happen. I expect Arsenal to win by at least two and will still be tipping that way if they go 1-0 down.

Man United v Fulham – Sunday 14th

Both of these sides have heavy schedules so this could be a tiring, slugging match. I expect Manchester United to leave it late and to win this game 1-0/2-0, the later they leave it the better it is for the punter as those odds will only increase. Look for a -1 Handicap bet for United if the scores are still level after the hour mark.

Sunderland v Manchester City – Sunday 14th

This is another big game for me this weekend. I expect Manchester City to win this and to enjoy doing so, scoring plenty of goals, but I also think Sunderland will score first and push those odds up. Look for a bet for Bent to score in the first half and then get your money on City to come back and win this 2-1/3-1.