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David Jester is the author of An Idiot in Love, This is How You Die and other novels. He writes under three different pen names, works as a freelancer and also owns several websites, including Ways-to-Die.com. If you wish to hire David you can find his profile on Upwork and through his SEO and writing business Compulsion Media.
Surprising Substances Linked to Amazing Health Benefits. Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

4 Surprising Substances Linked to Amazing Health Benefits

Everyone knows that green tea is healthy, spirulina is a superfood and we could all benefit from eating some more leafy greens. These common...
Worst Countries to be a Woman. Image by 12019 from Pixabay

What are the Worst Countries to be a Woman?

In the Western world, female rights have come on leaps and bounds. There is still discrimination and toxic masculinity and we still have a...
Most Expensive Foods. Image by stupidning from Pixabay

Seven of the World’s Most Expensive Foods

What do you get when you combine master chefs, premium ingredients, and the need to create something truly unique for the richest VIPs? You...
statistics about divorce

Shocking Statistics About Divorce in the United States

The odds of a married couple getting divorced in the United States are just under 50% and as high as 60% for certain counties,...
stats about the opioid crisis

The Shocking Stats About the Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic seems to be hitting the headlines every week. It has claimed the lives of countless people, including many well known actors...
Girl Hit by Golf Ball

Can Girl Hit by Golf Ball in Ryder Cup Claim Compensation?

The Ryder Cup is one of the biggest competitions in golf. It is short-lived, but the fierce rivalry ensures it makes headlines around the...
Medical Malpractice Lawsuit $130 Million

Massive $130 Million Malpractice Settlement Awarded

One of the biggest medical malpractice lawsuits in Michigan history was settled last month when an Oakland County jury awarded a staggering sum of...
Changing Perceptions of Medical Marijuana.

The Changing Perceptions of Medical Marijuana

In 2018 the United Kingdom drastically altered its stance on medical marijuana. After years of debate, with the drug moving from Class B to...
National Pretzel Day

It’s National Pretzel Day on the 26th of April!

April 26th is National Pretzel Day, when everyone in the US can enjoy one of these doughy, salty treats in celebration. With a host...
Deaths from Harmless Things

Seemingly Harmless Things that Can Cause Serious Injury and Death

There are millions of things that can kill you. That's not exactly an uplifting way to start a story, but the more aware we...
God Foods

Four Common Food Products Have God-Like Status in Other Countries

National dishes and foods can take on a life on their own when they depart local shores for tables overseas. "English Muffins" are big...
red car after accident. Image by Akent879 from Pixabay

The Safest and Most Dangerous States for Drivers

Every year more than 1 million people die in a road traffic accident, with a further 20 to 50 million injured or disabled. There...
Tax Evasion

10 Surprising Tax Facts You Didn’t Know

Tax is a strange business. It has taken governments hundreds of years to master the art of taking money from the public without getting...

How Old do you Need to be Before Getting Life Insurance...

There are few things that annoy me more than cold callers and email spam. I work from home and I have done for many...
Prices US

The Huge Price Differences Across the United States

I live in the North of England, where the cost of living is decidedly less than it is in the south. In Newcastle, my...
stupid legal cases.

Well Known Legal Cases that Didn’t Happen How you Think

Personal injury cases don't always happen how you think and some of the most famous cases are a complete fabrication. Contrary to what the...
hobbies that earn.

Fun Hobbies that Earn Good Money

Hobbies are the things we do when we're not working, the things that help us to de-stress. But they can also be great ways...
Tax Evasion

Celebrities That were Imprisoned for Tax Evasion

The recent changes to the US tax code has dominated the news, and not without reason. Those changes will likely make life every difficult...
freeze yourself.

Extending Your Life: Is It Worth it to Freeze Yourself?

We have all heard the story about Walt Disney freezing his head, perhaps in the hope that it could be defrosted and then attached...
biggest companies in the world

The Biggest Companies you Have Never Heard of

Branding is everywhere. Kids are more familiar with corporate logos than they are famous literary characters and films. It's the capitalist dream and it...