The Changing Perceptions of Medical Marijuana

In 2018 the United Kingdom drastically altered its stance on medical marijuana. After years of debate, with the drug moving from Class B to Class C and the penalties of possession being reduced to mere confiscation and a warning, they legalised medical marijuana.

The rules are still very strict, and it’s not legal to posses by anyone without a prescription, but from the 1st of November it will be possible to prescribe this drug to those in need.

This follows years of changes in US law. In the past they have had some of the strictest laws on marijuana use, but in recent years many US states have legalised it and in some states you can buy and consume it recreationally.

Now that the US and UK have changed their stance, it could lead to a number of similar laws in countries across Europe and Asia, but there are already many countries where marijuana is legal or has been decriminalised.

Countries where Marijuana is Legal

Marijuana is due to be decriminalised in Israel in 2019 and it has also been decriminalised in Mexico, Moldova, Malta and Luxembourg as well as Jamaica and Italy (both for religious use). In Germany possession is illegal, but consumption is not, which is one of the stranger laws out there, and contrary to popular belief the Netherlands is not the most cannabis friendly country. In fact, it’s technically illegal outside of coffeeshops and prescribed use, but it has been decriminalised for amounts less than 5 grams.

If anything, Uruguay is the country with the most relaxed laws and you can even grow as many as 6 plants without breaking the law. There are also relaxed laws in Sri Lanka, South Africa, Portugal, Georgia and Colombia.

Changing Perceptions of Medical Marijuana.
Changing Perceptions of Medical Marijuana

Countries where Marijuana is Illegal

As a stark contrast to the laws above, there are countries where you can still get into a lot of trouble for being in possession of marijuana, even with a prescription in another country. This is the case across the middle-east, where the laws on most drugs are incredibly tough, but it’s also the case in many African countries, as well as China, Singapore, Sweden, Monaco, Japan, and most of Asia.

Simply put, there are more countries where it is illegal than there are where it is legal. But with the new research coming out about the many health benefits of CBD oil, and the studies being conducted on the healing power of cannabis in general, that could change.