New Zealand Wins Race 11 On Wednesday But Fails To End The Series

A few seconds before the boats crossed the line at the start of race 12, the wind limit was crossed just as Oracle threw a protest flag, and the race was postponed as New Zealand was crossing the start line in a dominant position.

Given the good wind conditions at noon many watchers expected this to be the final two races of the 2013 America’s Cup and the Emirates N.Z. team won race 11 but was unable to carry the day, simply because the combination of wind and current cancelled the racing for the day after several delays.

Although the Oracle team did a great job in the final two legs of race 11, New Zealand finished 15 seconds ahead to win the race and come within one race of winning the cup.

Race 12, would either decide the cup in favor of N.Z. or extend the race another day but due to increasing wind the race was delayed until another day so the teams and fans are still in suspense.