America’s Cup, Wed, Sept 18

The Cup Races live again today, here are some links which will enhance the experience.

America’s Cup races 11 and 12 today wind and crews depending.

If you are outside the U.S., try this for a possible world feed starting just before the race, load early, it may require adjustments or downloaded utility.

If you are in the U.S., quickly try to install TOR for your browser and pretend you are not in the U.S.

You will probably be able to get live technical data feeds at

The graphics were invented by the people who developed the first down line for U.S. football.

Two losses today by Oracle and the Kiwi’s will win the Cup.

Social Media

America’s Cup YouTube channel:

Facebook page:

Twitter handle: @americascup

Live race tweets: @americascupLIVE

The official twits in other languages are:

French @americascupFR

Italian @americascupIT

Spanish @americascupSP


Find Twitter Feeds

Tune into for the live feed.

To make things more comprehensible here is a brief guide of some terms you may hear.

PRO – Principal Race Officer determines the course.

UMP – Umpire.

USA – United States – ORACLE TEAM USA

NZL – Emirates Team New Zealand

MDSS – Media Data Server System, boat telemetry

TIM – Telemetry Interface Metadata – ?? could be anything related to the data but not generated automatically

WND – Wind guage

OCS – On Course Side – a foul, crossing the start before time

LM – Leeward Mark

WM – Windward Mark

kts – Knots, or 1.15 m.p.h. 1.85 k.p.h.

PDT – Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-7 hours

A message might be sent from PRO to a boat or all boats, for example the start time, or

a penalty notice, or the official race finish time.

The other day we saw “PRO Rave 1 Terminated” which told the boats the ongoing race had been cancelled.

The reason was high winds but the boats didn’t need to know a reason.