College Football Dawgs Launch National Website, Pawdcast Show

Los Angeles, CA: College Football Dawgs, a new national sports media outlet and sports blog, made its debut in the college football world on Saturday evening in Los Angeles, CA. The platform aims to provide comprehensive coverage of every college football team across the country, irrespective of their level or prominence, with a unique focus on fan perspectives.

The College Football Dawgs

Hunter G. Dworsky, a native of Delaware, and Collin J. Sutrick, a native of Washington, founded the blog. Both individuals come from the political arena and share a deep passion for college football. Their paths first crossed at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware, where Dworsky worked as a Deputy State Director for a popular 2016 Presidential campaign.

college football dawgs logo
College Football Dawgs logo.

The College Football Dawgs team consists of diverse personnel, including writers, photographers, podcasters, and videographers, who all share a common love for college football. The team prides itself on its diversity, comprising business professionals, military veterans, former coaches, former players, and a significant representation of women. Over one-third of the leadership at College Football Dawgs served in the United States military.

During an appearance on the College Football Dawgs Kickoff Show, Hunter Dworsky, President & Co-Founder of the outlet, emphasized the platform’s mission to reclaim sports media from major corporations. Dworsky stated, “We are all college football fans, and we are here to take back sports media. It has been owned far too long by some of the major corporations; for instance, CBS owns 247Sports!”

The interview is available for viewing on the blog’s YouTube channel.

Controversial Topics Covered

While College Football Dawgs will provide real-time, accurate reporting on most Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) and Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) schools, the media group also intends to explore controversial topics within the college football landscape.

These discussions will include subjects such as the reinstatement of Reggie Bush’s 2005 Heisman Trophy. Additionally, the platform aims to shine a spotlight on underappreciated schools and football personnel, such as K.C. Keeler, the two-time FCS National Champion Head Coach of Sam Houston State. Renowned football figures like Deion “Prime” Sanders, a two-time Super Bowl Champion and the current Head Coach of Colorado, have already expressed their support for College Football Dawgs and shared its content on social media.

College Football Dawgs seeks to provide a unique and professional perspective that appeals not only to the financial stakeholders of the schools but also to the alumni, employees, players, their families, and the fans.

For media inquiries, contact [email protected] or call (213) 478-1128. The platform is available for interviews on both radio and television.

Contact Information: College Football Dawgs 213-478-1128 [email protected] 801 S. Hope St., Suite 1915 Los Angeles, CA 90017

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