Coliseum Gym: Strongman Competition Benefit For Kids

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The area that surrounds the Cooper Avenue overpass in Middle Village once comprised a hub of warehouses for freight cars to unload, supplying Queens, New York with goods from diesel locomotives. But the only “Diesel” now rolls in from the Coliseum Gym.

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Steel rails must make way for the human engine. Stretch, push, pull, lift, bend, demands muscle and blood. Clanking metal, groans, sweat and aches not only represent a day’s labor, but after-work recreation. Strange, that you must exert energy and strength to gain energy and strength.

Stefanie Tropea Tire Flip (Owner, Punch Kettlebell Gym Norwalk, CT)

Whether striving for the mass of Hercules, the cuts and stamina of Mercury or the curves of Aphrodite, members focus on becoming or keeping fit. Beyond Hydro-massage, sauna, tanning, and towel service, besides socialization and glances at the mirror, accomplishment and self-esteem reign. While your sense of uncertainty over the job, the bills, taxman and the unforeseen, weigh heavy, you can often feel control over your body with even the slightest improvement, those extra pounds lifted at the bench, that extra mile on the tread mill, another inch lost around the waist.

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Besides providing a health resource for the community with its modern equipment, stellar personal trainers, fitness cafe, and wide range of classes including aerobics, yoga, spinning and the like, on Oct.3rd the fitness center hosted the NYC Strongest Man Competition. Serious men and women competitors in various weight classes got put to the test. And though gratifying to observe quality athletics compete, this event addressed another important issue. The proceeds are donated to The Ink Well Foundation in connection with the Sloan Kettering Children Ward Caner Hospital.

I can do it!
Don’t worry. I got it.
I just did it!

Looking for a place to feel good about yourself? Family friendly, the playroom keeps children engaged, while parents work out on their own, in class or with private instruction. Large rooms mean less waiting, while a variety of apparatus and paraphernalia helps maintain enthusiasm. You can listen to music or watch TV, just not on your couch. Find yourself a spot and shape up.

Colisium Gym competitors

Coliseum Gym

75-09 71st Ave.

Middle Village, NY 11379


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