Lambtown Attracts Thousands To Interesting Event

The 23rd Annual Lambtown, USA Festival, yesterday at the Dixon May Fairgrounds, saw business and community come together for an outstanding event, attracting thousands of visitors.

Lambtown is a celebration of the lamb industry in Dixon’s heritage.

This year, the Dixon Lambtown Association refocused the Festival on the sheep and wool industry, with events such as sheepdog trials, Lamb Cook-offs, shearing, and spinning and weaving competitions. Most vendors provided at least one lamb or wool item, including lamb food dishes and handmade items.

The Fiber Fair included Lambtown’s Best Spinner Contest, the Wool and Mohair Show and Sale, Calpaca Lambtown Event, Skeins and Textiles Competitions, Sheep-to-Shawl Competition, Spinner’s Lead Fashion Show, Spinning and Weaving Demonstrations and Exotic Fibers and Animals.

The Fine Arts Show and Sale allowed local artists to showcase their one of a kind and original works of art, many of which were for sale.

Exciting classes in crochet, felting, knitting, spinning and other crafts were available for enthusiasts and beginners.

Also Exhibiting were the American Legion, the Avon Breast Cancer Awareness team and the Solano Farm Bureau.

This was a well-run show and everyone I spoke to enjoyed the day.

Fiber and Supplies Exhibitors

Fiber Exhibitors

* Morro Fleece Works

* Anzula

* Charlotte Strutton

* Sincere Sheep

* Central Coast Fiber Association

* Wyammy Ranch

* Fiber Confections

* Meridian Road Jacobs

* Royal Fibers

* Rase Hall Studios

* Shaggy Bear Farms

* A Verb for Keeping Warm

* Arapahoe Rose Alpacas

Craft Exhibitors

* Taralyn Needleworks

* Hazel Rose Looms

* Sally Dohr Creations

* Linda Partsch

* Cookie Cutter Alpacas and Fiber Studio

Commercial Exhibitors

* Carolina Homespun

* Wild Fibers Magazine

* Double Diamond Alpacas

* Super Sires, Ltd.

* Holmes Patches and Hats

* Amazing Sheets


* American Legion Auxilliary

* Avon Cosmetics

* Solano County Farm Bureau

2009 Lambtown USA Sponsors:

Platinum Sponsors

* Calpaca (California Alpaca Association)

* The Vacaville REPORTER

* Dixon Tribune

Gold Sponsors

* City Of Dixon

* WalMart

Silver Sponsors

* California Sheep Commission

* American Lamb Board

* Superior Packing

* Catanio Digital Media

* Emigh LTD

Bronze Sponsors

* First Northern Bank

* Air Perfection

* Dixon Sanitary Service

* Lynne Green

* Meyers/Nave

* Wild Fibers Magazine

* First Northern Bank

* Thornton & Sons Jewelers

* Salaber & Associates, Ltd.

* Sheldon Gas

Patron Sponsors

* Bob and Barbara Bulkley

* Barbara Beckworth

* R.E.Solutions, Inc.

* Dixon Animal Clinic

* Cormo Sheep and Wool

* Dixon’s Independent Voice

* Pacific Coast Farmer’s Markets

* The Embroidery Shop

* Real Estate Solutions

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Sally Gray
Sally Gray is a writer, photographer and editor for NewsBlaze. Sally is also a highly skilled knitter, who makes exquisite sweaters, scarves and socks and loves to craft complex cables. Sally prefers photography to editing and editing to writing.