Brooklyn Boxing Action at Historic Landmark

Owen Radway (Left) and Angel Gonzalez

In need of restoration, the magnificently decorated four story auditorium of the Masonic Temple in Brooklyn’s historic Fort Greene District provided a unique aura for an intense evening of O’Shea Brothers “Brooklyn Brawl” boxing. Limited space created a feeling of intimacy amid the smell of popcorn, hot dogs and bottled beer. Surrounded by marble, brick and glazed terra cotta, a few hundred packed-in boxing fans eagerly anticipated the evening bouts. And from the start, a roar went up from the balcony.

Alicia Ashley Brooklyn’s Jamaican Sunshine here with brother after win, Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley

The women’s Super Bantamweight 6 round match between Alicia Ashley and Jaclyn Trivilino kept the New York crowd energized. Hailing from Albany, Jaclyn fought well and hung tough, but Alicia started off early with some weaving and dancing, picking punches and throwing a couple of lightning flurries in round one. This recipe remained the same for all six rounds with Jaclyn showing heart and grit in response to the faster Alicia who could not manage to put Jaclyn down on the mat. For every solid right hand blow Jaclyn managed to score, Alicia made her pay double. Shifting in and out, first elusive, then a strike, then disappearing again, Alicia kept overall control of the bout throughout the fight and won by Unanimous Decision.

Joe Smith Jr.

Light heavyweight (4) Owen Rodway vs. Angel Gonzalez

Angel scored repeatedly, but Owen covered, rested and then delivered heavy, loaded overhand rights for the first two rounds. Angel took hard body and head shots, which forced the referee to stop the fight 1:18 into round 3 for the Owen win.

Light heavyweight (4) Joe Smith Jr. vs. Christopher Dammones

Bam, bam, bam, the referee stopped the bout 18 seconds into round ONE for a Joe Smith Jr. win.

Thomas Baldwin

Heavyweight (4) Adam Kownacki vs. Tyyab Beale

Some trading in round one with Adam scoring better, then, a TKO Win for Adam 53 seconds into round 2.

Middleweight (4) Thomas Baldwin vs. Emanuel Brujan

Both boxers tended to drop their hands, Thomas dropped his left too much while Emanuel lowered his right when jabbing left. But Thomas cashed in and dominated for a Unanimous Decision debut win.

Ronson Frank

Main Event: NYS Light heavyweight Title Bout (8)

Ronson Frank vs. Alexander Mancera

Ronson scored better with his superior reach and started a cut on Alex in round one. In the second round Alex took two hard rights, one dazzled him, while the other sent him to the mat. He took a stunning left in the 3rd, but continued to remain battle tough on through the 4th. What looked to be an accidental head butt, opened a massive bloody gash above Alex’s left eye that brought the match to a stop 21 seconds into round 5 for a Ronson Technical Decision win.

No mysteries for New Yorkers this night, just a lot of heart and exciting boxing.

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