Boxing Night of TKO’s Spells ‘Havoc at the Hilton’

Havoc at the Hilton in The Grand Ballroom, Huntington Hilton Hotel.
The Grand Ballroom Huntington Hilton Hotel

Havoc at the Hilton

On September 26, 2008, in the Grand Ballroom of the Huntington Hilton Hotel on Long Island, along with dinner, New Yorkers got a mouthful of Technical Knockouts. It was a night of Havoc at the Hilton.

Near the historic birthplace of Walt Whitman (famous for his powerful, energetic writing and free spirit), this evening as spectators dined in elegance, they also tasted the excitement, power and energy from a spirited night of boxing.

The breakdown…

Using effective aggressive in-close fighting, scoring with heavy over-handed rights, Cruiserweight Ahmed Samir started the evening with a Unanimous Decision win over Andrew Hutchinson.

Ahmed Samir.
Ahmed Samir

The Havoc at the Hilton continued with more contests.

Fast left hooks and jabs stunned Middleweight Rakeem Carter until Referee Mercante stopped the bout 2:47 into the 1st round for a Lambros Karaolides TKO win.

With solid straight rights to the head, Middleweight Henry White outscored Tom Rainone for a Split Decision win.

With clean lefts and rights, Welterweight Chris Algieri TKO’d Clarence Smith in 2:21 of the 1st round.

Will Rosinsky from Queens, NY.
Will Rosinsky from Queens, NY

Lightweight Will Rosinsky caught Michael Ciccone with a hard right knockdown, then, a left hook knockdown to end the fight with a TKO 2:07 into the 1st round.

With better balance and defense, Heavyweight Darrel Madison generally outscored Elfair McKnight during a 6 round slugfest for a Unanimous Decision win.

Polishing off the Main Event with furious fists and flurries of punches, Middleweight Pawel Wolak overwhelmed Chad Greenleaf for a TKO 2:40 into the 3rd round.

Pawel Wolak from Brooklyn, NY.
Pawel Wolak from Brooklyn, NY
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