Iron Will At MSG Golden Gloves

Boxers display Iron Will at The Garden
Boxers display Iron Will at The Garden

On April 18, 2008, Night Two of the 81st Annual Daily News Golden Gloves Finals, an anxious crowd packed the WAMU Theatre. A massive image of Iron Man against Madison Square Garden’s facade foreshadowed tonight’s event. Every fighter fought with Iron Will resolve.

From the onset of the 145 pound women’s bout, Ebonny Fowler fought hard against a quick and accurate punching Dariana Casado who won the decision. Later, Heavyweights Sonya Lamonakis and Shayna Hargraves of Gleason’s Gym slugged it out with Sonya using that left hook to Shayna’s head enough times to secure the win.

Dariana and Ebonny.
Dariana and Ebonny

Amanda Walsh fought Yuku Yamamotto (110 pounds), with both fighters tossing defense to the wind, trading and racking up points that resulted in a definitive fourth round and overall victory for Amanda. Soon after, Jody-Ann Weller spends most of her fight locked up close to Amanda Serrano (125 pound), trading body uppercuts. Whenever Serrano got a little space, she popped most of the left and right hits in for the win.

Between rounds at Amanda Walsh corner
Between rounds at Amanda Walsh’s corner

A nonstop slug fest between Ruth O’Sullivan and Laura Ramirez (106 pound) resulted in a win for Ramirez. While an aggressive Ramirez sent a barrage of left and right roundhouses toward O’Sullivan, they were no match for Ruth’s right handed uppercut replies. Both fighters had soul, but there “seemed” to be the counting of punches that did not land.

The bout between Chinazo Rena Anakwe and Kathleen Walsh (138 pound), told the story. New Yorkers experienced fine boxing as these proud warriors traded punches in an incredible match of blood, sweat and heart with Chinazo taking the decision.

Other Results:

Allen Littlejohn over Anthony Caramanno (112)

Walter Velazquez defeated Marlon Baird II (152)

Anthony Karperis beat Marlon Charlton (132) (with good hard combinations from both)

Will Rosinsky jammed up and maintained control to defeat Peter Lawson (178)

Joseph Livingstone took a close one over Mike Brooks (141)

Cristian Concepcion over Schavez Peters (119) in a crazy, fight after bell, unintentional low blows, holding/punching you name it.

Ngoli Okafor over Jerry Gaspard (201) in a hard hitting match up

Tor Hamer over Adam Kownacki in a close one (201+) amid an end of night wild crowd of U.S.A. and Poland chants

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