Opus Going Full Circle: What a Vote for Biden Means

Electing Donald J Trump president was a rejection of Washington D.C. mentality and agenda. The next presidential election is nearing and it is a contentious one. A vote for Biden is not just a vote for a Democrat, it could be a vote for an unelected bureaucracy that may never be unseated again.

The people took power away from those “inside the Beltway,” the American idiom used to characterize matters that are important primarily to officials of the U.S. federal government, to its contractors and lobbyists, and to the corporate media that covers them.

The interests of those inside the Beltway are not the same as the interests and priorities of the general U.S. population. The people outside the Beltway badly want their power back.

Though many people are still affected by Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), it is somewhat surprising to see anybody still advocating for Joe Biden and his proposed Vice President Kamala Harris.

Biden-Harris not up to White House Nomination

Even with the all-out assault the media embarked on against President Trump, thanks to Goldberg, Cohen, and Woodward – three conspiracy books that couldn’t dent Mr. Trump, the last two weeks couldn’t have gone worse for the Democrat Party pair. President Trump is unstoppable and it is getting harder to see what could stop him.

But the real issue is not Donald J Trump, rather, it is Joe Biden. And the issue is above politics.

It is worrisome that Biden and his team try to hide the fact that he uses a teleprompter for every appearance, even to answer reporters’ questions. It is clear that all the questions and answers were prepared in advance, meaning, it was a ruse.

In days gone by, when mainstream media had real journalists, they would ask probing questions of all presidential candidates. It is obvious to anyone paying attention that Biden is only asked simple questions with answers prepared in advance.

Eventually, Biden was blatantly caught on camera using a teleprompter to provide answers to a News Media host. It is becoming more clear that Joe Biden is simply not capable of answering even the most softball questions being tossed his way. Looking at his spaced-out face, there is little doubt he uses medication that enables him to somewhat hold his mind intact and then he delivers a short burst of discombobulated words.

Puppet Masters Behind Biden

This is not an attack on Biden or his health. It is an inquiry into the game that is being perpetrated on the American people. It begs the question: Who is really coming up with answers to the questions? Who are Biden’s handlers?

Let us imagine, the President of France asks President Biden about a possible combined effort and actually Biden is not the source of the answers he gives, then we have an unelected cabal or an individual running the country for Biden behind the curtain. This marionette show is a subversion of our governance system.

The people need to ask, is the plan to have Biden step down as the President in a week, a month, or right after the election if he won? Is a massive fraud being pulled on the entire public, maybe the greatest political fraud to have ever taken place in an American election?

It is unconscionable, unacceptable and so cynical it holds the potential of destroying every bit of faith, trust, and unity left for the system. Anyone supporting such a strategy, based on some simple argument that “the Orange Man” is so bad that the end justifies the means is a true authoritarian.

By far as important is the Kamala Harris matter. She openly declared support for Black Lives Matter (BLM) that admitted it is a Marxist trained movement but is a grotesque scam. It is militantly anti-American, anti-family nucleus, and anti-Semitic.

Mrs. Harris supported the Minneapolis Freedom Fund that pays for the bailout of dangerous criminals as well as protesters. This was a bailout fund for the early rioters, some of whom were criminals who posted bail and went on to commit other violent crimes.

Given the vicious attack on two California Sheriff Officers, and extreme anti-police rhetoric from BLM, Antifa and Democrat politicians, when will Democrat voters realize that their political candidates are fomenting violence against all Americans, including them and their neighbors?

Most people, regardless of political affiliation, would agree with a well-thought-out and articulated advocacy for Police reform. But that’s not what BLM and Antifa are pushing Democrats to do.

harris biden administration. what does a vote for biden mean?
Harris Biden Administration

And to show what they really want, while the two officers were fighting for their lives, rioters blocked the hospital’s entrance and exit, and yelled “We Hope They Die.”

Do Democrat voters still recognize their own party?

The Left Lexicon charade

The late Richard Weaver, an American scholar primarily known as an intellectual historian, political philosopher and a mid-20th century conservative and an authority on modern rhetoric authored the book “Ideas Have Consequences.” The book is a widespread refutation of Liberal and Leftism earlier forms, using “words hard as cannonballs” to present an unsparing diagnosis of the ills of the modern age. The voice of this Professor, who taught English at the University of Chicago, is much needed now.

The Left cheapened words and terms we dared use ubiquitously. They call Law Enforcement – Trump’s Gestapo, para-military units, Stormtroopers, pigs, and street gangs. When you digest these words and Kamala Harris’s support for the Minneapolis Freedom Fund, grounds have been made to commit violence against law enforcement, the people who work so bravely to keep us all safe.

What the Democrat Party Biden-Harris Duo Is All About

In a short time since she was picked by Biden to be his VP, Kamala Harris has proven to change her views like a chameleon changes its color. She is a hack, incredibly unfit for the VP job, dangerously extremist, and associated with the most radical violent movement in modern American history. If anything, she should step down from the ticket at once and resign from her Senate seat.

Thanks to the work of Judicial Watch, it has been learned that Robert Mueller’s team “accidentally” wiped clean 27 phones the same way Hillary Clinton did.

Due to the self-recusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, in his role as Acting Attorney General for matters related to the campaign, appointed Mueller, a former Director of the FBI, to serve as Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) with authority to investigate, the false claim that Mr. Trump colluded with Russia and thus caused interference in the 2016 United States elections.

Though the Democrats think that the American people are stupid, the majority isn’t at all stupid and are also fair. They may make mistakes that take time to correct but they do possess phenomenal commonsense. This ‘wiping phones clean’ phenomenon is an absolute outrage and the people are outraged.

For all the kooks and swamp surfers, constantly squeaking about Trump subverting the election, where is the concern for the rights and protections for all of us, the people,? If the FBI, CIA, and Special Prosecutors can operate so lawlessly, we, the people, are potentially in danger for our safety and of losing our liberty.

Joe Biden has not uttered a word about all this. If Biden is posturing to have the mental acuity to be a Presidential contender, where is his shame? Is he so partisan he is willing to close his eyes and let Special Counsel Mueller and Andrew Weissman who played a management role on the 2017 Special Counsel team headed by Robert Mueller, destroy information the American public should know and would benefit from?

The Democrats in the Senate just stopped the passing of a leaner relief bill for the American people. This bill, which Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Mark Warner, and Richard Blumenthal did not accept, offers eviction protections, more unemployment benefits, and other assistance to hurting Americans who desperately need it.

The Democrats did not allow the bill to pass in order to deny Trump another political win. They continue leveraging a crisis by using extortion, aimed to fund their wishes, none of which have anything to do with the COVID-19 crisis. The Democrats simply play politics with many millions of Americans’ lives.

We must be clear, this is the naked Democrat Party without its phony clothes on. It does not care about the American people as a whole. They will never lift up the vulnerable nor the average person. Their only focus is power while the American people are their ragdoll.

Democrat Racial Betrayal

Going back to the last two weeks being even worse for the Biden/Harris duo and their allies, they are now all exposed for being a sham on race issues. Mark Kelly, the husband of former Representative Gabby Giffords, who was shot and nearly killed in an attempted assassination on January 8, 2011, is the Arizona Democrats’ 2020 election star recruit for the US Senate.

Kelly got into hot water for an offensive joke he made in 2018. Moses Sanchez @SanchezMoses: “Shameful video of Mark Kelly making a racist joke to an all-white crowd. He must think people named Rodrigo look like monkeys. Time to move past this type of racism & time for the media to scrutinize Mark Kelly more thoroughly like they would a Republican.”

Neither Biden nor Harris denounced this outrageous and insolent exposure. This is what we call “a Freudian slip” bringing to light what people really think. Never mind Kelly’s late apology after he was exposed. He appears to be a bigot. Biden and Harris couldn’t care less. Can one imagine if Senator Thom Tillis for North Carolina, Senator Corey Gardner for Colorado, or Senator Susan Collins Susan Collins would have said something similar? The Democrats and media would be pouncing on them with vigorous rage.

In the last two weeks of their awful performance Biden and Harris also failed to stand up for two very accomplished, now embattled Black Police Chiefs, Carmen Best, the Seattle Police Department Chief, the first black woman to lead Seattle’s police force, and U. Reneé Hall, the Dallas Police Chief, the first Black woman to lead the Dallas police force. Both women stepped down after they realized that their force could not stand up, as expected of them, to the mob horde. If Biden and Harris will not stand up for Black people in leadership positions being targeted now, how will the Democrats champion the Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) community when they hold power?

This poignant betrayal example should give many potential Biden voters who belong to the BIPOC community – even Liberal-Democrats – a huge pause. But it may not, because they are only focused on hating Trump.

While the Biden-Harris ticket appears to be the least cohesive and much of their performance is dubious, we witness surprising Middle East peace treaties discussed and signed. We hear that President Trump was nominated to receive the Noble Peace Prize. But Biden has not got it in him to congratulate Trump or celebrate these foreign policy achievements, most welcome for America’s security.

Does Biden not care about world peace? Is he not politically savvy enough to say “well done” Mr. President, even if he is an opponent? We can be sure that if Obama, Clinton, Biden or any other Democrat politician had this track record, the media would have been all over this news. But Biden’s silence here is no surprise. Nothing beats their zest for power.

Joe Biden and Kamal Harris are both like weathervanes, constantly turning in the political wind.

So how does this opus end? By completing a full circle.

In reality, a vote for Biden is for whom really? Let it not be against Trump or for decency, apple pie, puppies, or ending the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Who is running Biden behind the scene, creating his answers and short, unclear monologues? Who is putting words in his mouth? Remember ideas do have consequences.

Islamism and the Left Commonality a Metaphor Concluding Appeal

Why has the radical Left embraced illiberal totalitarian tendencies?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali who fled radical Islam and is an expert on both topics – radical Islam and the Left – explains:

Radical Islam and the Left are ‘Woke-ists.’ They are committed to their truth only and will not debate. They are iconoclastic, more important, they hate America.

The question that needs to be presented to anyone on the center-Left and the Center Right of the political spectrum is in regards to the 9/11 attack on America. Nineteen years ago radical Islamists brought down the New York City Trade Center Twin Towers. But think about United Airlines flight 93 that was brought down by its passengers. They understood that they were going to die. Yet, as soon as they realized that the hijackers’ target is the White House they got into action. Passenger Todd Beamer shouted “Let’s roll,” and collectively the passengers caused the plane to crash in a Shanksville, Pennsylvania field.

A Vote For Biden Is A Vote For What?

And so, the question today for every American citizen, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, is: even if we, the people, know we are going to die – our Republic will die – and our enemies – the Radical Left – are going to get rid of us, what are we, the people, willing to do to stand up and defend our country? What does the White House symbolize?

This is what should freak-out every American in the coming 2020 election, Democrats included. With the kind of polarization we see now, what are we willing to defend with our last breath?

What the Islamists and the Woke Left have in common is they want to destroy America, because it represents everything they hate. It represents individual freedom, universal human rights, economic prosperity for the people to live with dignity; it represents the idea that all human beings can get along, regardless of their race, agenda, sex, or politics.

Though not perfect, we, the American people, have set up a model that works and they hate it!

And so, another ending to this opus, this is a call for all Americans to get rid of the Islamo-Woke-ists. This is a vote for President Trump so he can continue if anything, making American great.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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