Land Grab Deal: Obamas Paid Only $10 for 20 Acres of Public Land in Chicago

Imagine you are at Walmart with only 10 dollars in your pocket and you see a shirt with a price tag of nearly $20. You won’t be able to buy it and Walmart isn’t likely to rent it to you for $10 for even a day. But did you know that Barack Obama paid only $10 to lease a whole 20 acres of public land in Chicago’s scenic Jackson Park area for 99 years? You heard it right. The Obamas got 20 acres of land at the cost of only $10 for 99 years.

Jackson Park Land Grab
Image @ Wiki Commons

While mainstream media never spotlighted this scandal of a land grab by the Obamas via their Obama Foundation, official records of a lawsuit challenging this big corruption case are available online. The legal news source Courthouse News published a story on May 21st this year. The story by Lorraine Bailey is titled “Seventh Circuit Hears Arguments in Obama Library Land Grab Suit.” The story reads:

If the Clinton Foundation had approached New York City and asked for 20 acres of Central Park for its Harlem headquarters, it would have been laughed out of court. But that is essentially what the Obama Foundation asked of Chicago – and got, in a sweetheart deal inked under former Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who previously served as Obama’s chief of staff.

So the Obamas want to build a multi-million dollar Presidential Complex that will be privately owned by them but built on Chicago’s public land handed over to them by their crony in the Chicago administration for just $10.

One can imagine how much that guy would have received back from the Obamas, most likely through some third party, in exchange for this land grab deal. In simple terms, land belonging to the American people was essentially given for free to the Obamas.

Now the leftist propaganda media have not only been quiet over this reckless land grab of the Obamas but also very quiet on the environmental damage the Obamas’ proposed presidential center will cause to the Jackson Park area.

The website Jackson Park Watch posts updates on the Obama Presidential Center. Last year on July 30th, the site posted the details of how the center’s design affects the park area. The concerns are wide-ranging from impacting the migratory birds to polluting the natural park environment and the safety of pedestrians walking in that area.

Currently, the Presidential Center faces the lawsuit by Protect Our Parks (POP) against the Chicago Park District and the City of Chicago. As Jackson Park Watch reports in its 28th August update, the lawsuit is not dead and it challenges the transfer of public park land in to the Obama Foundation.

At the same time, the affordability of the center itself been questioned at a time when the global COVID 19 crisis has hit the economies hard. Curtis Black writing in The Chicago Reporter raised the question over the center’s affordability saying “more than $50 million of planned infrastructure spending appears to support a questionable luxury golf course development.”

This dirty land grab deal between Chicago administration and the Obamas has been effectively hidden from the public eye by those propaganda mobs that cover up for the corruption and crimes of liberals.

The same propaganda mobs are quiet on the environmental damage caused by the center if/when constructed. And the reason is obvious – they are active stakeholders in the gains and plunder of that corruption. Just imagine if Trump or any conservative leader would get 20 acres of land for their lifetime for only 10 dollars, how they’ll be verbally lynched in the public by these media mobs 24/7.