Mc Cain and Obama Show Off Their Flip Flops: Will Roberts Weekly Telegram

Nickel and dimed by the airlines does not make CENTS

Nickel and dimed by the airlines does not make CENTS to us but makes profits for them.

I have a solution for the airlines and the soaring prices of fuel . . . go SOLAR! Think about it, the plane takes off and within minutes it is rising above the clouds and has full access to the sun. However, the only place that won`t work is over Washington, DC. For some reason for the last eight years all they have had is a dark cloud looming over it. It is a split at this point as to the weather report for 2009 and on: Some say it could be “a bright and sunny outlook” and some say it could be the “MC SAME!”


Gay couples got the OK

Gay couples got the OK to be treated equal. Until at least November when the folks that don`t understand why they are the way they are can tell gay couples they way they should be… hmm?

My suggestion to solve this problem if it offends you: If a person of the same sex comes up to you and asks you to marry them . . . Say no, Simple huh. But if you say yes, more power to you, because it is your choice, as it should be.


Car battery: 300 million: lottery ticket

“Who killed the electric car?

Charlie Black: Black day for McCain

Well our candidates have poked their heads out of the sand and while McCain was under cover a dark cloud has appeared and now he is facing a BLACK day. Don`t be surprised if McCain spends the rest of the week indoors “Cleaning house”. Americans should not let this terror talk concern them, unless McCain`s “House Cleaning” is done in the comfort of his Fallout Shelter.

Mean while Barack is standing back just waiting for the right time to drop the O-Bomb on McCain`s campaign.

300 mill will get us a battery operated corporate PIGGY Bank.

I feel like I am picking on McCain, but it will all change when Obama starts the conversation and not just responds to McCain. With Mc Cain having headlines like this: $300 million prize for a battery, how could Obama compete? He could offer this: Win a year of FREE GAS when you donate more than $300 million dollars to my campaign.

McCain`s idea is not bad, not new either, Google: Electric car it will take you to 1800`s.

The defender offends me!

“All I know is what I read on the Internet” and today I am taking a break from the politicians to talk about something that really matters, our children.

The past few days` child abuse has topped the headlines with questions of fairness for the convicted. I am not sure who deserves to be punished more, the criminal or the lawyers who defend them.


They kissed and made up; now let the unity tour begin!

Clinton and Obama have hit the trail . . . and support is the 100-dollar word. Obama wants it, Clinton needs it $$$, and our troops have lost it.

Of course folks if I owed a few million dollars in debt I would travel from Hope, AK, Unity, NH OR Truth or Consequences, NM. and say Obama walks on water.

I don`t envy Senator Clinton`s position now, DEEP into debt. Now she is just like all the rest of us Americans. Can you put that kind of debt on a Credit card? I bet they will let you.

Why is it that Politicians always want our financial support when our country can`t afford to “PAY” attention!

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