July 4th…Are you ready to bid and help our heroes?

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! July 4th may be a national holiday, but a group who work tirelessly with our heroes is holding a “Celebrity and Collectibles Auction” on EBay.

Operation Life Transformed has a mission, and their mission statement is:

Provide education and resources to our war wounded caregivers and military spouses through private and corporate entities.

Increase awareness of the long term needs of these families and Support the caregiver and military spouse as they re-enter the civilian sector.

Our Focus is to enable our caregivers and military spouses to find job placement, flexible business models or participate in training and educational programs in fields that readily fit around medical schedules, deployment, disabilities, future rehabilitation and transitioning, to create a portable lifestyle for the military family. [ lifetransformed.org ]

July 4th is your chance to help our heroes, and bid on some exciting items:

Items donated by Chris Brown.
Chris Brown donated items for auction

Maybe you are a fan of John Travolta? This auction is also your chance to bid on John Travolta related items. There is something for everyone here. If you have items you would like to donate to this worthwhile auction, OLT would love to hear from you, too. To check out all the possibilities, go directly to the Operation Life Transformed web site here: lifetransformed.org

OLT is a 501(c)3 organisation, and like all charities, OLT depends on fundraising initiatives. This group is run by military spouses FOR military spouses.

Operation Life Transformed has some great programmes to help our heroes and their families. Their logo is: “Walking the road with our heroes…..” Mark our calendars on July 4th, and be a part of their latest fund drive.

Chris Brown donated high top sneakers and glove for the auction.
Chris Brown high tops and glove Rolling Stone photo shoot
Ros Prynn
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