Joe Biden Linked to Hunter Biden Dealings With Ukrainian Burisma Exec by Evidence

Evidence discovered on a laptop computer may show that Joe Biden is linked to Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukrainian Burisma executives. The FBI has the laptop, which may hold material evidence to FBI cases, but the FBI may have sat on it throughout the 2020 impeachment of Donald Trump. There is no explanation for that at this time.

In April 2019, a man presumed to be Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, dropped off a Macbook Pro laptop at a computer repair shop in Delaware. The water-damaged laptop bore a sticker from the Beau Biden Foundation.

The shop owner was never paid and was unable to contact the man again. He could not definitively confirm that the man was Hunter Biden. However, he made and retained a copy of the hard drive, which contained both family and explicit photographs and many documents regarding Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and dealings with Oligarchs in Ukraine. The owner of the repair shop reported this to the FBI, after which the bureau obtained a subpoena and seized the laptop in December 2019. A photograph of the subpoena can be seen on the NY Post page and in the collage below.

FBI Action/Inaction

Once the laptop was seized by the FBI, it is not known what action the FBI took. It is expected that FBI experts copied the hard drive and extracted information that may be relevant to the investigation. At the time of writing this story, the FBI has not publicly announced anything about what they found nor what they did with the information.

hunter biden collage
Hunter Biden collage of images from New York Post reporting. Image by NewsBlaze.

The repair shop owner had copied the Macbook’s hard drive, possibly as a precaution to safeguard it in case of later failure. That copy of the hard drive was later given to Robert Costello, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer, according to the Post story.

The NY Post says that among the many files found on the drive is a 12-minute video of Hunter Biden smoking crack while having sex with an unidentified woman. There were also Biden family photos.

Some number of emails were also extracted from the hard drive, among which are several messages allegedly sent by Burisma executives and advisers. These include an email from May 2014, sent on the company’s behalf, in which Burisma executive Pozharskyi asks Hunter Biden for “advice on how you could use your influence.”

Also extracted from the laptop is a message allegedly sent on April 17, 2015, which places it approximately one year after Hunter Biden had become a part of the Burisma board. The email was sent by Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the company’s board, who expressed his appreciation towards Joe Biden’s son. The message mentioned that the Ukrainian businessman had been invited to D.C. where he was introduced by Hunter to his father Joe Biden, then serving as vice president.

Unexpectedly, the messages contradict Joe Biden’s statements that he never discussed his son’s overseas business affairs with him. A large number of the alleged emails between Hunter Biden, his partner Devon Archer, and Burisma executives and advisers of the company have revealed the extent of the involvement of the parties.

According to a followup story by CNBC, George Mesires, a lawyer for Hunter Biden, said the meeting between Pozharskyi and the two Bidens did not take place. Andrew Bates, a spokesman for the Biden campaign also denied the meeting. The FBI, having the laptop would also have these emails and could have authenticated the messages from the message headers.

Ukraine Prosecutor Fired

Information made public by The New York Post shows that approximately eight months after the appreciation message was sent, Joe Biden put pressure on the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Arsenyi Yatsenyuk, his vice president, to fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

At that time, Shokin was making plans to start crime-investigation procedures against all members of the Burisma executive board, which included Hunter Biden.

While Joe Biden insisted that Shokin was removed due to corruption concerns, the email from May 2014, shows that Pozharskyi was looking for ways to use the then-vice president’s political influence to the company’s advantage.

Hunter Biden and Burisma Board

The email contained specific text written by Pozharskyi, specifying that the company urgently needed advice on how Hunter could use his influence to stop what Burisma executives called “politically motivated actions.”

In response, Hunter asked Pozharskyi for more information about any formal accusation that was made against the company, including details about who could stop the investigations. The message exchange dates to the same day that Burisma announced Hunter Biden had become part of the executive board, where he would take charge of the company’s legal unit.

The information about Hunter Biden joining the Burisma board, and him taking charge of the legal unit were displayed on Burisma’s own website. It has since been removed from the site. See the snapshot below.

hunter biden burisma director webpage screenshot
Hunter Biden Burisma director. webpage screenshot by NewsBlaze.

Journlists Attack Investigative Journalism

Interestingly, some left-leaning journalists and publications are working hard to discredit the New York Post’s reporting. They certainly can’t dispute the many photographs and video of Hunter Biden, especially the one showing him passed out with a crack pipe in his mouth. There are also family photographs with Hunter, Joe and others that were not previously available on the internet.

Even the Washington Post attacks the New York Post, but the WAPo story fails to mention separately-sourced evidence separately uncovered by US Senate committees.

The New York Post’s story is the kind of investigative reporting that left-leaning journalists used to do before they became political tools of the Washington D.C. establishment.

There is much more to this story, including what big tech companies Twitter and Facebook did to prevent this story being seen, which we will cover in followup stories. See also the story Did Twitter Delete My Tweets?

In the video below, Joe Biden brags to the Council of Foreign Relations about what he did to get the Ukrainian prosecutor fired, by threatening to withhold a billion dollars worth of US government loan guarantees from the Ukraine government.

Our straight reporting here does not put us in a position to decide if there was any wrongdoing in any of this. That is for the FBI and DOJ to determine. It does, however, seem strange that the FBI appeared to have done and said nothing while they had this laptop at the time the sham impeachment process was running against President Trump.