Eroding the Foundations of the American Constitutional Republic

The media, ‘big tech’ and the surrenders are telling us, those who firmly believe that Donald J Trump was truly cheated out of his second term as president, that We, the People, are whistling past the graveyard! They say that continuing to defend President Trump is truly ludicrous and gratis. What? How?

Fortitude comrades. If the Democrat-caused fiasco of the reelection of President Trump finds a landing ground and the President’s team cannot find enough evidence of election fraud, manipulation and shenanigans, the worst that can happen for Democrats to their subgrade candidate Joe Biden is that his relocation to the White House is delayed somewhat.

Serious evidence of instances of deception in this election are mounting. There are too many for at least some of this not to be proven. If President Trump and his team can prove these allegations to the courts, the naysayers will have to admit, loud and clear, that the most sacred right of We, the People – the Constitution Republic voting right – has been ambushed by criminals. If the most serious allegations are proved, they will have to admit there was an attempted coup.

Media Complicit in Deception

A closer look back into the 2020 presidential campaigns reveals telling signs of deception and coverup. It is easy to see the American media’s plethora of blatant attempts to influence public opinion in favor of Joe Biden, the Democrat Party’s presidential candidate.

Before the election, revelations about Biden’s corrupt affairs that should have made him a very questionable and dirty candidate were steadily censored and concealed by most of the media and big tech.

burisma joe biden 2020
Burisma Joe Biden 2020. Cropped twitter screenshot.

The first thing to be revealed was incriminating content on Hunter Biden’s laptop computer, that was left at a computer repair shop and never picked up. The New York Post published the story reporting on what actually happened, and the newspaper was attacked by other media, twitter and Facebook.

The FBI had seized the laptop but the media and big tech didn’t want anyone to know about that. It remains to be seen whether the FBI will ever release information about what it found or what it did with that information.

The New York Post was a journalism hero to have published the Biden family’s alleged deep state corruption. The revelations should have shocked all Americans, but they did not. Most of the rest of the media first remained shtum, reinforcing their sub-standard investigative professional journalism skills. Other than the New York Post, most other media outlets not only ignored Biden’s allegedly dishonest activities, using his political ‘power,’ they actively challenged the story’s authenticity and trustworthiness.

Big tech colluded with the media in protecting the Bidens. Twitter covered up the true story by blocking the NYP twitter account and preventing anyone else from tweeting the story link.

Twitter also blocked Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary and the Trump campaign spokesperson’s Twitter account. Big Tech argued, in unison, that the information on the Bidens’ dishonesty, in so many aspects, was questionable, possibly unreliable. That despite the fact that the FBI acknowledged that the documents produced were authentic and are part of more elaborate investigation into the Bidens alleged money laundering.

Next was corroboration of the Biden family involvement in the NYP story by Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner. Bobulinski, a Democrat, was responsible for handling companies set up by the Biden family. He provided credible testimony, that brought to light Joe Biden’s part in the “Ukrainegate” scandal from a year ago.

Bobulinski and other eyewitnesss aware of the Bidens’ wrongdoing confirmed the authenticity of the presented evidence. The investigation case was muted as if never opened.

The allegations of Biden family enrichment at the expense of the country were attacked by Joe Biden and most of the media, and the story disappeared from the discourse in no time.

The fact that in 2015, while Biden served as Obama’s vice president, Biden openly admitted that he undermined the Ukrainian chief prosecutor as he worked to have him fired or replaced in order to prevent an investigation against his son, should have raised many suspicions of malfeasance by Biden. Yet, the media side-tracked the story while the public was flooded with more immediate matters.

Despite the potential significance of this story to the election, the mainstream media ignored it. The media very noticeably played down any information that had the potential to harm their candidate, Joe Biden, and his candidacy.

Tony Bobulinski went as far as to claim that when Biden was the vice president, charged then with giving preferential treatment to China, he conducted business dealings with companies owned by the China Communist Party (CCP), the United States’ enemy. Bobulinski’s straight forward attestation invited only the interest of Tucker Carlson on FoxNews to interview him; the rest of the media yawned and passed on any interview with him.

Glenn Greenwald’s Case

Glenn Greenwald is an American journalist, author, and former attorney who worked as a constitutional attorney for ten years before he began blogging on national security issues in October 2005.

Greenwald is the actual testament to the extent of the media’s pro-Biden censorship; he dared to criticize their crowned prince in-waiting, Joe Biden.

An article on Joe and Hunter Biden by Glenn Greenwald to be published by The Intercept was censored. An attempt to assess the importance of the known evidence, and a critique of media lies to protect their favored candidate, could not be published at The Intercept.

The last draft seen by The Intercept‘s editors about Joe and Hunter Biden, before they told Greenwald that they refused to publish it, involved the removal of all the sections critical of Joe Biden, leaving only a narrow article critiquing media outlets. The media outlets, media giants, and America’s intelligence communities appeared to give Biden a smooth run to become president, preventing any taint to his credibility.

It should be noted that Biden ducked responding to any of the charges. The watchdog media spoke for him and did his job. Instead of being democracy’s advocate and demanding answers for these disturbing allegations, the media preferred not to confront Biden with tough questions so it could avoid hurting their chosen candidate’s election chances.

Election Disruption and Intervention

Despite all the warnings that Iran and Russia would try to influence the 2020 election, once the media crowned Biden their president elect, they announced that the election went smoothly without any interruption. Had the election gone the other way, unquestionably to Donald Trump, they may have pushed a repeat of 2016 Russian interference in elections hoax?

If there was any attempt by Iran or Russia to influence the 2020 presidential election, it was limited and somewhat amateur, because the Trump administration took extra cautionary measures to prevent any such attempts.

Many people believe that foreign actors would attempt to exploit the social disarray in the United States, encouraged, directly and indirectly, by the American media.

Ironically, the greatest and the most apparent influential interference in the 2020 election was wielded and caused by the Media Corporation and big tech social media companies themselves.

International media coverage on what is happening in the United States feeds directly off the American mainstream media coverage. The efforts of the American media to scuttle any fair and honest election leads to global echo-chambers that push a very influenced and identical discourse. Thus, the American media’s behavior, most of its senior participants often stated that a re-elected President Trump would be an “end to democracy,” is actually the one eating away at the foundations of the American Constitutional Republic and its democracy.

The very same day when President Donald J Trump, then elected by 63-million American citizens, took his seat behind the Oval Office presidential desk, the Democrats, the progressive Left and their media henchmen already began talking about an impeachment procedure. For what? For his imagined corruption for which they concocted “evidence” and could never prove to be real. That made Trump’s presidency much more difficult, but he still achieved a lot despite their attempts to stop him.

Today’s anti-heroes are the indoctrinated, unprofessional, incompetent and useful fools – the mainstream media.

The victims of their conduct were and are the American people. The media destroyed all trust in their reporting.

In a display of faux statesmanship, Biden asked for calm and healing. This from a man whose party and followers never accepted the outcome of the 2016 election, and provided distruption and lies rather than calm or healing over the past four years.

If Biden prevails, he and democrats may discover that conservatives may adopt a ‘Biden derangement syndrome.’ Republicans may rallies all over the country demanding the return of Donald Trump to the White House for 4-more-years; or more, to put the country back together.

A big difference would be that republicans don’t destroy the property of others.

Megyn Kelly tweet
Megyn Kelly tweet after Biden disingenuously asks for healing. – NewsBlaze screenshot image

Back To The Election

The turning point, the states in question, I.e., Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and North Carolina must call for a repeat, this time a transparent, election, as the Constitution sanctions us, We, the People. When Americans see the results of a truthful election, perhaps we can have a slight tailgate wind and put trust back into in the election process that has lost most of its credibility and trust.

Right now, we have no idea yet of the final outcome of the 2020 election. It must be allowed to play out, and that takes time. The 2000 election between Bush and Gore is informative in this regard. It took around 36 days to be resolved.

It is very sad to see the many people on social media and in the nations’ newspapers urging Trump to concede before the process plays out. Democrats now appear to welcome possible fraud, as long as their candidate wins. This is plain stupidity. If fraud is ignored this time, the perpetrators may come out against them the next round.

Now is the time to wait, to see if the allegations can be proved or not. Everyone has a right to their day in court.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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