Biden Dumps 40 Lobbyists Into His Transition Team

In his plan to show how gullible Democrat voters are, Joe Biden has added at least 40 lobbyists to his transition team. He won’t actually need them because he won’t win the election, but that’s another story.

Democrat voters, and the weak #NeverTrump republicans fooled by democrats and their lapdog media can now see that Biden puts the interests of the elites ahead of ordinary Americans.

Democrat voters may have passed this off as Joe “Gaffe Machine” Biden making another “slip of the tongue.” But no, it is for real.

Bernie Bros, already upset that Bernie once again turned them over to the Democrat voting machine will not be happy. Ditto progressives.

BLM supporters can now see how much democrats really care about them, now they think they don’t have to pander to them for their vote for another four years.

Biden voters can check the truth of this in a Wall Street Journal story that trawled the congressional lobbying databases to match against the Biden transition team appointees.

joe 40 lobbyists Cartoon by NewsBlaze.
Joe Biden hires 40 lobbyists! Cartoon by NewsBlaze.

Of course, most of the lobbyists have a wealth of knowledge in their areas of expertise, and the reason they are lobbyists is probably because they are good at what they do. The problem, of course is optics. The Democrats and their lapdog media are the ones who complained about Donald Trump using lobbyists in his team and in government positions.

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