Cristina Fernandez De Kirchner a Powerful Force to Reckon With

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Well I am back from my sunny, smoggy, Smokey Southern California trip. Sounds like a hit song to me… I would gladly donate the proceeds for someone to write a song like that little ditty. Now, if you remember I told you the other day, that IF you had a problem with smog or smoke you should stay in doors. Well, it does not help. As far as you go here in LA the smoke looms over the city. I was heading to Vegas and caught wind of these fires all the way to Barstow. For those of you who don’t know Barstow, nothing stops there. Although all the folks I met in LA, seem to be going about their business with out much of a roadblock. Every once in a while a caravan of five large fire trucks would scream down the road on the way to a new hotspot.

And I have seen and talked to folks who were exercising with a facemask on.

Now there is talk flying around that Arson is to play in some of these fires, I hope they did not just come up with this idea, seems like a natural first thought. The word TERRORISM has even crossed the lips of the media in the past few days, but then again that is the second word to cross the lips of any news program. I don’t know much about that and I wont play that hand until at least I see a three of a kind. That is the last thing folks in southern California need right now, to be raised to threat level orange, especially when part the state is in RED right and the other in black. However, if this is the work of an arsonist, I say this to you. We would gladly allow you to start fires in Washington and the Democratic congress; they need something to get them moving. Not with all the bills they have been sitting on you would need much of a flame to start a raging fire.

Now on to my main comment. Now all I know is what I read on the Internet. I see where Argentina has welcomed in a new president, a female leader, only 2nd in their history, hmm, boy are we behind. Now this not really a new concept for them, the first female leader was (Isabel Peron, president from 1974 to 1976, succeeded to the office after her husband Juan died.) Now Juan was also the husband of Eva Peron the one they created a musical about. Evita, First Broadway, and then the big screen. (Madonna played the role).

Now Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner they call her Queen Christina, she is a powerful force to reckon with. She is smart, beautiful, and currently her husband is the president of that country. She is the Hillary Clinton of the Argentinean world. Or vice versa, after all Queen Cristina will be in power first, if all works out right. Word has it that her husband (Nestor Kirchner) is doing a great job as the president right now, he want to step down to work on party-building. And I thought that was an American sport.

Queen Cristina is facing some of the same challenges as some of our candidates. Here is a quote Cristina, who lacks experience as an executive, (Sound familiar) (hang on Obama fans) will inherit double-digit inflation and energy shortages that will be difficult to resolve without modifying her husband’s policies.” Hillary has the same sort of challenges, don’t think that the minute Hillary gets into office she won’t be kicking up dust with the SCHIP…That was developed during her husband’s administration. I know what you are thinking that it is back up for approval of the president. Maybe I am going out on a limb here, but I don’t think that SCHIP or any other Chips will be served up to these parties until after the elections. Politicians are on the platform of: won’t commit, won’t condemn! I would say that 2008 just might be the year of the woman. It might be about time us men caught up with the curve.

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