Another Four Years of Failed Obama Economy

The takers from the tax payers won!

You voted for it, this is what you are going to live with and you have dragged the rest of the nation with you!

For edification, Marxism is the political and economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, later developed as the basis for communism. In this social format, the takers win, the government and its cronies, those who control the masses win.

Obama’s America is heading toward economics, dictated from above, redistribution and allocation of wealth and resources according to the decisions of a committee of the elite with unified and tyrannical concepts, its members know better than anyone else what is good for the people, and more importantly – what will sustain these guys in power. But it may also yield good results, mainly for Israel, because the Jews now have Jewish homeland to where they can relocate!

Obama’s “social justice” won.

Barack Hussein Obama returned triumphantly to the White House after defeating his opponent Mitt Romney in the elections. You cannot blame Romney for not foreseeing the future and his possible defeat. With today’s socio- politics data, the way the Republican party conservative values are presented they do not appeal to the American nation. The Republican Party has failed to explain why its values are better for every American so the majority supports and votes for it. Now it is official. The productive America, the innovative, the one full of initiative that encourages those who invest and venture their capital – lost, big time. America’s socialism, the labor unions, the suppression of entrepreneurship and innovation and the dependence on welfare systems – won, big time.

Obama’s healthcare flagship is a national health system; the pole at the top of this mast is the redistribution of wealth and resources. Behind this ship there is a trail of 16 trillion 300 billion dollars of government debt. It is doubtful it will ever be repaid. The horizon toward where this ship is sailing is 22 trillion dollars of national debt that can only be repaid by a full fledged bankruptcy of the United States government.

Because much of the world holds insured U.S. government bonds, and since we are talking about a financial tool that today is already risky, and tomorrow will fall further from there, the world is now guaranteed an economic and social disaster. Its very beginning is already being seen today, in Greece.

The Open Economy Will Go Underground

On the redistribution flag is engraved the numeral 250 thousand. Each household or business its annual gross income is over 250 thousand dollars (two doctors, Laundromat, X-ray clinic, an agriculture farm, etc.) will be taxed heavily. Every employer who employs and pays wages to 20 employees or more will be required to provide medical insurance at his or her expense. Every doctor will be forced to accept patients with a ‘disenfranchised guy’ card, even if his or her business expenses increased tenfold within a decade. Regiments of inspectors from dozens of agencies will closely examine all businesses in order to impose fines, translated to revenue for the government. The inspection over the banks will tighten, in particular with regard to refusal to provide credit to allowance recipients. Obama’s “social justice” will be seen and done everywhere.

It is not difficult to guess what business owners will do. Every business that employs 20 or more workers will fire some of them to rid itself of the yoke of health insurance costs in addition to those of the national insurance costs. Households income that is approaching the sacred number of 250 thousand will reduce revenue, fire employees, reduce working hours, all to avoid the threshold. Forty six percent of doctors who were surveyed said they would refuse to accept the national medical insurance card and will opt to receive cash only, and if not, they will simply close their practice. On their second call the inspectors’ brigades will find that the business has been closed and the fines will no longer apply because the owner chose to declare bankruptcy, rather than deal with the disastrous economy doctrine.

Laundromats will close doors, supermarkets will be sealed, shopping centers will become empty of shoppers, entrepreneurs will avoid expanding their business and will prefer outsourcing to other countries. Hair salons will move from rented shops to private homes, garages will close, the open market economy will go underground, leaving conspicuous only those enterprises the unions were able to extort favors for, from the state treasury for the benefit of the party. No one will invest in oil refineries, so fuel prices will jump through the roof. Farmers who cultivate huge plots of land, justifying investment in large tools, will leave the earth desolate, and food prices will rise unfathomably high.

Obama’s Military Expenditure Reduction

The second flag is the subject of Obama’s military expenditure reduction. Five hundred thirty billion dollars will disappear from the system. Weapons systems in the process of development will be halted, acquisitions from friendly countries will be canceled, ships being constructed will remain as skeletons, ships needing renovation and renewal will not be renovated, passive protection kits will not be purchased and distributed to the soldiers and the number of casualties in Afghanistan will leap, a situation that will require quick abandonment of the battlefield. Brigades and divisions will be eliminated, and their soldiers will return home to a dead job market and thus will be forced to enter the Obama economic system of “feed and take care of me” and their dignity will be humiliated.

Without American deterrent force, there will be an outbreak of jihad throughout the world, from India to Ethiopia, and eventually in North America, while the castrated American intelligence is bound to the political correctness that forbids it to define jihad as the enemy of the state.

Now, after four years of failed Obama economy, the U.S. population labor force participation rate is lower than that of the state of Israel. Yes, Israel of the non-working ultra-Orthodox faction, the Arab inhabitants, the street wanderers and the backgammon players enjoys today higher labor force participation rate than the United States of Obama. In four years time, the USA labor participation rate would be even lower.

Impoverished America Will Not Be Able to Help

The number of welfare recipients in the U.S. grew by 50 percent in the four years of Obama administration. It will jump another two fold in the next four years. The welfare recipients were those who voted for Obama for four more years; those who pay the allowances voted for Romney. Single women, in some areas 70 percent of them are single parents, accustomed to receiving generous government allowances, elected to vote for Obama. Married women mostly elected to vote for Romney. The division among voters, based on economics was extremely sharp, and the takers, who live on government “charitable dole” won.

Will any sweetener come out of it and if yes, to whom?

And after all, this may turn to be for the better. For good, because bankrupt America will not be able to fund the feckless U.N., UNRWA, USAID and all those anti-Semitic anti-Israel organizations that are running their anarchist Jihad-enthusiasts in Israel.

Impoverished America will not be able to fund the Palestinian Authority and its armed forces, and Egypt and its armed forces, and Jordan and its armed forces. And the American Jews, all those who voted for Obama, will find themselves facing a hopeless situation, impossible taxation, growing anti-Semitism, fueled by the hatred of success, and Jihad without restraint. The American dream will fade away and they will have to revisit the possibility that today seems unreasonable to them – to pack and come live in the Jewish homeland, Israel.

Remember the huge immigration of Soviet Jews to Israel and other Western countries in the 1970s-1980s? Why did the Jews leave the Communist “paradise” where smart communist oligarchs sat at the top of the social pyramid and they knew exactly what is good for everyone and what was the value of each person in the society? Because that paradise was in fact Hell, where you could not live. Because a centrally planned economy is a bad theory and very destructive in every which way possible. It is economic and social failure that can survive only with violence and installed fear. Obama’s America is heading toward the same economics, dictated from above, of redistribution of resources and funds by the decisions of a committee of elitists with a unified and tyrannical concept, all believe they know better than anyone what is good for the masses, more so, they know what will keep then in power.

In Obama’s USA, the anti-Semitic jihadists have earned a place of honor in the intelligence services and many branches of the government, very close to the ears of the President. The State of California, the United States’ Greece, has 200 billion dollars in debts that have no coverage, owed to retirees and employees who were once its employees. Stockton City has declared bankruptcy and ceased to pay all its obligations to its employees.

The question is: will American Jews await for the equal distribution of payments of burden of those debts?

Who knows, perhaps. But in all probability they will run for their lives so long that the Obama regime will act more to achieve its social justice by way of redistribution of wealth which they themselves hold.

Upended, all those Israeli politicians trying to gain political capital from the mutual aversion between Obama and Netanyahu, they simply accelerate the process of getting a positive result from negative outcome. They came to curse and came out blessing.

The American Jews have an alternative to where they can escape from Obama’s jaws and that is Israel. To where the rest of the American people can escape if they do not want to live under these conditions and like that?

Will they rise and take to the streets and turn the country upside down?

Very soon we will know!

In the very near future, Americans will wise up; they will have to realize that Washington is not the answer and many will end up dropping their support for either the Democratic or the Republican party and a Tea Party-like group will rise to power!

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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