Why Am I Alive … The UltaGuru Diary # 1

The gorgeous sun is blessing the day. Sweet fragrance of the wind carrying through the trees. What a blessing it is to live and see the symphony of the divine playing before you – colors, seasons, light, love and feeling.

“Why am I alive?” The question that most of us ask at some point of our lives came to my mind that morning after a spell of being unwell for some time….

“There has to be a reason for living, for being here at this time…what is that reason?”

And I was answered, “You are here to live. Life has a purpose and that purpose is to live itself fully and completely – happily. Deviation from happiness is an error most make to fulfill a goal and term it as sacrifice … that is the dark path. There need not be deviation from happiness because there are multiple paths to the goal that you are determined to achieve and even if you have no goal, it doesn’t matter. Live life, assimilate, consolidate your spirit with happiness. Learn along the way. Happiness will accompany you despite any obstacles you may face so long as your path is right..you will have the strength and the courage to carry on.”

Your reason to be here and now is that you are here and now. There is no reason to intellectualize simplicity. Sometimes it just Is … and it is enough to accept that.

In fact, acceptance of what is – is wisdom. Only when you accept what is – the possibility of defeating your situation comes into play.

So accept the situation, look at it objectively and find the path that gives you happiness.

That will be your path to the reason of being here.

Raj Sukheja
I have been an Independent Thinker, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Author & a Philosopher. I primarily write on Self Development, Spirituality & Business. With over 2 short books published and over 1000 posts, articles and quotes since the past 10 years. I try to write on complex subjects in simple words so that everyone can interpret and understand the nuances of life and business.I have been working since an early age and now have over 3 decades of experience with business and over 5 decades with life :) and have been through it all. Sometimes, my lifetime experiences make me feel 400 years old or older.I hope to share my experiences with readers so that they can improve their lives both personal and at work through my experiences.Light, Love, Regards and Blessings To All.Raj SukhejaAlso known as UltaGuru in Spiritual Forums where I write.May The Force Bless Us All.