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I have been an Independent Thinker, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Author & a Philosopher. I primarily write on Self Development, Spirituality & Business. With over 2 short books published and over 1000 posts, articles and quotes since the past 10 years. I try to write on complex subjects in simple words so that everyone can interpret and understand the nuances of life and business.I have been working since an early age and now have over 3 decades of experience with business and over 5 decades with life :) and have been through it all. Sometimes, my lifetime experiences make me feel 400 years old or older.I hope to share my experiences with readers so that they can improve their lives both personal and at work through my experiences.Light, Love, Regards and Blessings To All.Raj SukhejaAlso known as UltaGuru in Spiritual Forums where I write.May The Force Bless Us All.

I Want Your Money!

Caught your attention, didn't I 🙂 ? It's all about the Money, isn't it?The world seems to be fueled by money & those that...

650 Million Years Without Brains?!

650 Years & Counting Without Brains :)I saw a picture somewhere on the internet and it said "Jellyfish have survived 650 Million Years without...
The Mool Mantra.

The Mool Mantra Is A Call To God

The Mool Mantra Is A Call to God. A prayer that has offered me solace and strength whenever I needed it.

Change Is The Key Today, Change Is Mind Without Fear

The Change Is Near. I have always felt it. Consider all the Individuals around the World who are initiating positive change. "Mind Without Fear"...

Hope Is All You Will Ever Need…!

There is Hope even when you feel there is none. All it takes is a small candle flame to dispel darkness. Hope is the...

The Messy Deal & How Not To Be A Failed DealMaker…!

"The Deal is as good as Dead. I was misled. It wasn't my fault. I was not given the facts. I did my best....

Evolution … Are We Evolving … ?

Considering the state of our planet and personal life, are we really evolving ...? UltaGuru coins a new word to re-discover our way back to our true nature.

Why Am I Alive … The UltaGuru Diary # 1

There has to be a reason for living, for being here at this time ... what is that reason? This is a question many of us ask ourselves at some time.

The True ‘I’

UltaGuru reviews the implication of the word 'I' and the incorrect way that many people interpret it today ... Keep your word or don't commit at all ...

Giving Up on Life: A Rebellion Against Pressure

A short poem in defense against the pressure to conform to society and environment we live in today and a rebellion against such pressure.