The Messy Deal & How Not To Be A Failed DealMaker…!

“The Deal is as good as Dead. I was misled. It wasn’t my fault. I was not given the facts. I did my best. It was bad luck that I failed. I was cheated. The Deal went South although my gut said it would Succeed.” These are just some of the examples of a Messed Up Deal that has gone wrong.

I have heard just about every excuse there is in the book when people fail to make business happen. One common factor leading to failure is a lack of Understanding and Preparation. A Successful Deal is usually a win-win for all parties and must culminate in satisfaction for all concerned. Only a conducive situation can lead to a handshake that bodes well for the business-making parties in most cases.

You can whine all you want but you will never close unless you get your act together!

The Lion Open His Mouth To Hunt Not To Whine...!

Get Your Act Together – Expertise. Preparation. Planning. Research. Money. Vision. Management & Legal are some of the talents that come to play in putting this great symphony together and believe me when I tell you that I am not referring to music but business.

Add to the above an unbiased and unattached Logical Mind which can be of great help while creating a Structure suited to the Goal. These talents would come into play to create a Successful & Great Deal based on the capability of The DealMaker whom I would now choose to call The RainMaker!

The RainMaker has to decide his play to make the deal come alive.

A Wrong Play creates The Ultimate Disaster – A Messy Deal which even though agreed upon and signed will never see fruition. And even if it does come into existence, it will not yield profitable results.

Ideas require Great Effort and Greater Audacity! The Requirement is to Walk Out Of Your Comfort Zone and experiment by putting it all together carefully, letting go of all fear but treading with caution that The Walk emanates from Wisdom and not from Overconfidence.

Copyright 2017 Raj Sukheja, Author, Speaker, RainMaker, Capital Acquisition Specialist.

Raj Sukheja
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