Treasure Diver Carl ‘Fizz’ Fismer Inspires Audience With His Life Story

Key Largo

Captain Carl Fismer, who resides in Key Largo, Florida, is a world famous treasure diver and a motivational keynote speaker. Fismer has been a diver over 30 years, and inspires all who hear him.

Fizz Inspires

Carl Fismer, known as “Fizz,” inspires people to achieve greater levels of performance by using his life story, including that of finding treasures underwater.


Pursuing Dreams

This amazing gentleman’s story includes his pursuing of dreams, diving shipwrecks, finding treasures all around the world and surviving not one, but three types of cancer.

Fismer’s speeches also inspire organizations to develop leadership, show determination when times are rough, use problem solving skills and help them follow their dreams.

A presentation from Carl Fismer will leave one’s group amazed. His words help encourage and prepare one to take life head on, becoming the best one can be.

Captain Jack and Fizz
Captain Jack and Fizz

Topics Fismer Speaks On and Testimonials

Some of the topics Fismer speaks on are “Follow Your Dreams,” “Leadership,” “Determination” and “How to be the Problem Solver.”

Fismer has keynoted meetings for America’s top corporations and performed for organizations all over the world (testimonials).

Film and TV

Carl Fismer
Carl Fismer underwater

For those who might recognize Captain Carl Fismer’s face, it is because he has been on multiple TV and film projects. Pawn Stars is one of the TV shows. He is probably most recognized for his Miller Lite Concepts.


See Fismer here on video and go to his website for more footage at Videos. For even more on Fizz go to Captain Carl Fismer.