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Deborah Smith Ford is a TV and film actress, celebrity lookalike, writer and author, who writes about entertainment and the entertainment industry.

Film Trailer in Full Swing Recently as Reported By Heather Steht

Heather Steht recently shared that the film she is working on, Hanging Millstone, has been in full swing, creating its trailer or teaser.

Scott Fivelson Discusses Hollywood Biopic of Legendary Oskar Knight

Scott Fivelson is a writer and director who creates memorable scripts. One of them is about legendary Oskar Knight in 'Near Myth' The Oskar Knight Story.'
rock thiz

Tai Babilonia and Her Success as a Skater

Tai Babilonia is a world champion figure skater. Learn more about Tai and the Rock Thiz Magazine interview by Velasco on the life and times of Tai Babilonia.
laurie van dermark godwin photo

New Novel for Author Laurie Van Dermark has Film Option

Author Laurie Van Dermark's new book follows the dynamics within a wealthy Southern family. Tragedy sets a family on a collision course for reconciliation.
fret michaels closeup

‘Life As A Rockstar’ For This Man Began As A Joke

Scott Ogle accidentally became a Bret Michaels lookalike. He calls himself Fret Michaels, and to top if off, he now has his own radio show as well!

Artist’s Storyboarding Comes to Life in Film

One of the behind the scenes for films is storyboarding. Who better to create such art than artists, and one of them is Rebecca Hollifield. She has been working on such storyboarding for 'The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon.'

Band Ignition Promoting First Tour

A new band called Ignition launches all things new lately. They are on top of the music industry, and their fan followers are growing. Si Astbury is the lead singer.

Actress Lesley Staples Now Joins Theatrical Musical

Actress Lesley Staples, as a theatre guest, shared her recent attendance at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre, held in Fort Myers, Fla.

Margaret Bishop on The Go for Summer Hosting Gigs

Part of the 2014 summer was spent, for some, shooting an incentive video/film for an upcoming concept trailer and feature film.

Teen Reporter Nickolas Wolf Shines ‘Bright’ in Recent Film Festivals

Nickolas Wolf, 14, is an award-winning reporter. He shares about one of the recent film festivals where he interviewed the stars!

Celebrity Tribute Artist Manny Caso Showcases His Talent With ‘Elvis Style’

Entertainer and tribute artist Manny Caso shares what it's like to be Elvis Presley!

Al Quinn Shares Progress and Updates on UFTA

The United Film & Television Artists (UFTA) has produced a film, 'Casting.' UFTA President Al Quinn gives an update to its progress.

Sondra Lee Celebrates Her Career with Richard Skipper at The Spiral...

One of Richard Skipper's latest celebrations (interview) was with legendary Sondra Lee.

‘Casting’ Film Wraps in Southwest Florida

'Casting' is a short film produced by UFTA (United Film & TV Artists). It wrapped and is now in post-production.

Three Young Actresses Share Experiences on Film Set

Three young actresses share experiences on the set of 'Casting.'

Actress Amanda K. Hootman Runs for Charity at Disney World

Racing for her health, for fun and especially for charity was Amanda K. Hootman at the Walk Disney World Marathon in Orlando, Fla.

Book Author Cynthia S. Bercowetz Keeps Busy At Book Signings

Since the first of the year author Cynthia S. Bercowetz has been busy at book signings.

Si Astbury Competes in Online Singing Competition

Singer Si Astbury is currently competing in an online singing competition. The website is called FameStage.com. The event is called Music's Richest Online Competition.

New Year Venues for ZZ Top Go Public

The band ZZ Top might have slowed down a bit, but they're still entertaining and touring as well. They have a venue that is already filling up!
jack and cj

Celebrity Lookalike Met Wife At Convention

Jack Bullard, as Jack Nicholson, recently married. He and wife, C.J. Morgan, both celebrity lookalikes and tribute artists, often work in Vegas.