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Deborah Smith Ford is a TV and film actress, celebrity lookalike, writer and author, who writes about entertainment and the entertainment industry.


Montague: The Pit Bull of Park Avenue Now Available in Amazon!

Author Mary Gregory and illustrator Roger Kabler are a husband and wife team who have created the children's book 'Montague: The Pit Bull of Park Avenue.' The story has been newly released on Amazon.com where it is available in eBook format.
Nick Valentino

Novelist Nick Valentino Releases New Novel

Author Nick Valentino, out of Gig Harbor, Wash., announced that his latest novel comes out later in June.
Urban Souls

Music of Si Astbury and Band Urban Souls Aired on Hamilton...

Hamilton Radio played the music of band Urban Souls. The band, and its singer/songwriter Si Asbtury, are out of England. Hamilton Radio is out of the USA in New Jersey.

Si Astbury’s New Songs Broadcast on TRM Radio

Singer Si Asbury has just become a songwriter as well, and some of his musical creations are heard on TRM Radio among other stations. Congrats Si!

Actor Danny Rawley Joins the Cast of ‘RX’ Film

Actor Danny Rawley has been cast as Bobby in the film 'RX.' The film has shot its trailer and will begin shooting the film soon.

‘Tribute to The Ed Sullivan Show’ Brings in a Full House

Even though Ed Sullivan is remembered from the 1950s, apparently enough remember him and the acts on his show to see it again and again, in trubite that is.

Up Close and Personal With Artist Marc Remus in TV Documentary...

Artist Marc Remus was featured in a TV documentary. The documentary was all about Marc and his art, and the show is called 'Kulturcheck.'

Carlene Mitchell Pays Tribute to Natalie Cole for Pre-Valentine Celebration

For an early Valentine's Day celebration Carlene Mitchell performed at Al's Top Shelf Restaurant. Mitchell is a tribute artist, and at Al's she paid tribute to Natalie Cole.

Johnny Ray Performs as ‘Elvis’ At Fiorella

Johnny Ray is a tribute artist. He performs as Elvis Presley, and on Feb. 10, 2013 he entertained at the fine Italian restaurant, Fiorella in Lake Worth, Fla.

Famous Photographer Fran Reisner Invades Florida

Fran Reisner travels the world, but lately Florida has inspired her writing and photography. Follow Fran on her journeys.

Fitzgerald’s Pub Offers New Schedule for Dining and Entertaining

Fitzgerald's is an Irish pub located in Bonita Springs, Fla. that has a new schedule now for both dining and entertaining. They, too, offer up an Irish Fare!

Howl Art Gallery Hosts Art Show and Anticipates Upcoming Visiting Artist

HOWL Art Gallery, located in SW Florida, just had an art show featuring many artists. Up and coming, for their show will be visiting tattoo artist Hayden Combs.

‘Farmweek’ Acknowledges Friend of Conservation Award Winner Penny Kochtitzky

Agriculture TV show 'Farmweek,' out of Mississippi, reports on poultry, cattle, pork, corn and soybeans. 'Farmweek' also acknowledges Penny Kochtitzky who won the Friend of Conservation Award.

‘Pop Idols’ Si Astbury Shares Recent Gigs and Interview on TRM...

Singer Simon Astbury, who resides in the United Kingdom, has been inspired by music all his life. His appearance on 'Pop Idols,' among other shows, has him climbing the stairs of success and inspiring others who hear him!

Actress Cassidy Reyes Accepts 2013 UFTA Media Coordinator Title

Cassidy Reyes, a teen model and actress, accepts the title of Media Coordinator for 2013. UFTA (United Film & TV Artists) offered her the title earlier, and it was announced that she has officially accepted.

‘Farmweek’ Reports Mississippi Mill Will Reopen With 100 Available Jobs

The TV show 'Farmweek' has a weekly show that reports on all things agriculture and livestork. These reports are important to the farmer in Mississippi and other areas as well.

Diane Lake: Guest Speaker at Aloha Writers Conference

Diane Lake is a screenwriter and best known for the film 'Frida' (2000). Lake is also a college professor who teaches screenwriting. She shared, in January 2013, some of her expertise at the Aloha Writers Conference in Maui, Hawaii.

Edison & Ford Winter Estates:Upcoming Events For February

The winter estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford are located in Fort Myers, Fla., and of interest to many. At this time they are announcing upcoming events that will be available at the estates.

Interview with Aloha Writers Conference Volunteer in Maui, Hawaii

A writers conference, the Aloha Writers Conference, was held in Maui, Hawaii. One of its volunteers was interviewed. She shared some of her experiences at the conference and in Maui.

The Stage Reveals New Performances for 2013

The Stage is a restaurant and entertainment center that has fine dining and tribute acts. Some such Vegas style acts are those of the Beatles, Ed Sullivan, Whitney Houston, The Beach Boys, Abba and more.