‘Life As A Rockstar’ For This Man Began As A Joke

Looking like the famous musician Bret Michaels began as a joke. One day the real singer was headlining a local festival, so Scott Ogle decided to show up at work dressed as him. He called himself Fret Michaels (Fret as in Fake Bret). Fret proved to be a good name choice as a fret is also part of a guitar which is an instrument Bret plays.

Contest Entries

From this experience Scott then recognized that he might actually have just stumbled on to something. He even entered the celebrity impersonator business, soon after, by entering costume contests. He won!

At one of the contests he went up against a fellow contestant who now is traveling the world as a world class Michael Jackson Tribute artist. After the contests, he began to branch out and make appearances at parties, fundraisers, etc.

fret michaels closeup

Celebrity Lookalike With His Own Show

Fret is a lookalike, but has yet to become a stage performer. After six years of appearances, Scott was introduced to the blog talk radio show by a fellow tribute artist, a Tiger Woods impersonator, and friend, Matthew. Scott was interested and signed up.

Not exactly sure what to do for his show’s niche or topic, he started with his first show being an interview with his own Fret fans as his audience. Scott has many fans spread throughout the United States, so the show gave him a platform to be able to communicate with all of them.

Success of Show

The first show was such a success, that Scott decided he wanted to make his show a platform for all tribute artists, musicians, and anyone related to the music business to be able to reach out to their fans and make it an in-depth, interactive platform for which they could have open discussions.

The show’s listening audience increased with each show. Within weeks, instead of Scott having to ask for guests, he was getting requests from tribute artists wishing to appear on the show. As a result of the interest and the response to his blog talk radio show, The Fret Michaels Show “Life as a Rockstar” blog talk radio show guests are now being scheduled out for months in advance.

The show is now a weekly event. It airs every Monday night at 11 p.m. EST. Those who wish to listen can do so at Blog Talk Radio with Fret Michaels. One can also call 718-766-4118. Those that call have the option to listen only or follow the prompts to be a live participant.

guitar on shoulder

Fret Books Gigs

Fret Michaels is available for bookings for many different types of events such as fundraisers, parties, meet and greets, celebrity bartending (bartending is Scott’s real life job), etc. Fret is also available to take his blog talk show on the road and can broadcast live from your event or do an archived broadcast for your event.

Contact Fret

For additional info, contact Fret at Facebook – The Fret Michaels Talk Radio Show, email at [email protected], or call 606-599-3774.

Enjoy Fret in fans interaction video shot in Nashville, Tennessee. Scott, Fret or “Bret” might have started in the celeb lookalike biz as a joke, but look at him now!