Paint Protection Systems: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth More than Cure

If you’ve purchased a new car recently, you’ll know the feeling of checking it meticulously for chips and scuffs in the paint. The same is true if you’ve invested in a motorcycle, aircraft or boat. You want to know that your vehicle will maintain its beauty for years to come. The best thing you can do is research car care products, including new car paint protection, rust prevention and other methods to maintain the beauty of your investment.

You may be wondering if it’s worth investing in a paint protection system or if there are other paint protection options. Is an electronic rust protection system really needed?

What is a Paint Protection System?

Remember the saying, prevention is better than cure? Well, this isn’t just true with your health, it’s also true with the paint on your vehicles. Prevention and protection win every time. If you can maintain the paint job on your aircraft, boat, motorcycle or vehicle, you can ensure the value of your investment will be maintained. By investing in a paint protection system, you’ll be doing what car dealers have been doing for many years.

Car Washes Versus Paint Protection Systems

If you’re like most proud owners of a new vehicle, you’ll likely take your car for a major detail every couple of months, with periodic hand washes in between. For an average-sized car, this can run between $200-400, for a annual cost of $1200-2400. Measure this cost against a paint protection system and decide for yourself. Car Colour Shield has a pretty good explanation on how it works.

What is Electronic Rust Prevention?

I hope you paid attention in chemistry class because the electronic rust prevention system goes to the atomic level to prevent rust. Rust is caused when iron joins with oxygen and returns the metal to its natural state. This process can been sped up by the presence of salt and moisture. An electronic rust prevention system interferes with the charges between the iron and oxygen. The best part is the system is able to reach places chemicals are unable to reach.

Boat Paint Protection

Boat paint is among the most susceptible to damage and erosion due to its continuous exposure to salt and moisture. The upkeep of boats can be a very labour-intensive process. To ensure the long-life of your valuable asset, it’s important to maintain the boat properly and a paint protection system can aid in this process. Some products, such as waxes, initially appear to provide the sheen that you’re seeking, but after constant exposure to heat and the elements, they are unable to endure. This is why it’s important to invest in a paint protection system.

Motorcycle Paint Protection

A motorcycle is not only fun to ride, it’s also fun to look at. Keep your motorcycle in pristine condition. There are many methods to protect the paint of your bike, including films, especially in areas that are susceptible to damage.

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