Top 10 Acts of Chivalry To Set Real Men Apart From The Clueless

Women’s rights are a wonderful thing. Yet it has led to a confusing way for men to now interact with women in a polite way. It is common for many men to mistake equality with treating their lady just like another guy.

Thankfully, most women still want to be treated with class and dignity. Sadly, following these 10 acts of chivalry will actually set you apart from all the other blots out there.

Here are our top 10 acts of chivalry.

1. Open the Door

A true man of class will open the door for a lady. But an all-around good person will hold the door for anyone regardless of the sex or age. Additionally, opening the car door for your lady is a classy and under-used technique as well.

man opens door

2. Retrieve Dropped Items

If a lady drops an item, the correct and polite thing to do is to pick it up for her.

pick up dropped item

3. Walk on the Outside of a Sidewalk

In a true act of chivalry, walking on the outside, next to the traffic allows your lady to be further from traffic. In the event of a drive by splashing, it is you who gets filthy and wet, instead of her. On a side note, this is a must when walking with children, as you act as a human shield in the event of anything coming in your direction from oncoming traffic.

walking on sidewalk

4. Give up your Seat

This one should be a no-brainer, but sadly is not. If you are riding public transportation, or are out where seating is limited, always give up your seat to a lady when present. This rule also works well for the elderly and physically handicapped.

5. Get out of your Car

In an utter lack of class and showmanship, not getting out of your car is about the absolute lowest point you can get when picking up your date.

get out of your car

6. Introduce her to People

When out and about with your lady friend, introducing her to acquaintances is an absolute must. For several reasons, this invites her to the conversation, and makes her feel comfortable. But most importantly it shows her that she is important to you.

introduce her

7. Put on her Coat

Probably this is the easiest and most overlooked gesture. Assisting a lady with putting on her coat can go a long way.

put on her coat

8. Make sure she gets Home Safely

Always ensure that she gets home safely. Offer to walk her or drive her home. If that is not possible, ensure she sees her way to a cab, Uber or Lyft.

take her home safely

9. Walk her to the Door

This is a tricky one. Doing this incorrectly might give your lady the wrong impression, certainly on the first date. But you should certainly offer to walk her to the door. Even if she declines, still get out of the car, open her door and bid her adieu.

walk her to the door

10. Be a Weatherman

In the “Captain Obvious” category, we have this. Please, ensure you are paying attention to the weather. Cold, hot, rain, chilly, it does not matter, be prepared. Especially if it is pouring rain, it’s your job to ensure she gets from your car to the door of an establishment as dry as possible.

man woman umbrella

As you can see, being chivalrous is not hard; heck most of it is old school common sense. The sad part of it is, this should not be old school or an afterthought. In being a classy gentleman, it is a part of your everyday arsenal. Another tool for your tool belt, as they say.

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Shannon Rose is a professional wrestling Ring Announcer, EA Sports MMA Ring Announcer, Hollywood reporter and publicist, and Radio Personality.