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Shannon Rose is a professional wrestling Ring Announcer, EA Sports MMA Ring Announcer, Hollywood reporter and publicist, and Radio Personality.

Brett Furman Undeterred to Close Deals During Blizzard of 2016

24 inches of Snow on the east coast, and RE/MAX Classic still stays open for business, and Brett Furman does not miss a single beat.

High-Octane Author Fires Second Rocket, ‘BIG Wallet, NO Pants!’

#1 Amazon Author uses e-book technology to produce a publishing miracle, and he shows anyone else how they can do exactly the same thing.

‘Hustler’s Music’ Taking Over The Charts

'Hustler's Music' was written with a true hip-hop sound in mind and E.G. Lyrical, Hip Hop's newest sensation, is taking over the charts.

Eclectic Media Company Celebrates 5 Years

Eclectic Media Casting continues to breathe excellence, started with the idea of offering bi-weekly classes to help inspired Actors obtain roles in movies and commercials.

NASCAR Driver Vows to Reignite America’s Ambition

Robert Bakke says religions teach poverty, schools teach losing, Washington promotes class warfare, kills middle class ambition, puts people on government support.

‘Mr. Hollywood’ Shannon Rose Livestreams his Life with Meerkat

The man known as 'Mr. Hollywood,' Shannon Rose is now bringing his everyday movements to Meerkat. Meerkat is the easiest and most powerful way for spontaneous shared experiences.

Bang Productions Teams Up To Deliver Upscale Production Services

John Edmonds-Kozma and his partner, Jeff Alley, longtime entertainment business veteran (lead editor on American Diner Revival, House Hunters, and Ice Road Truckers) agreed to launch production services with CULT Product

Jet Pilot Encourages Americans to Defend Wealth and Ambition

Amazon #1 Best Selling author, Robert Bakke, fearlessly defends success and says sussess is there for everyone to achieve, if they open themselves to it.

‘Do What Works’ Book Taking The Real Estate World By Storm

Real Estate guru shares 30 years of secrets, who understands that buying or selling a home will probably be the most costly transaction we will ever make.

Wonder Costumes Offers ‘All Despicable Minion’ Stuff for Halloween

Minions, the yellow, cute aliens may take over Halloween 2015. The bumbling, pint-sized pop culture icons are popular with adults and kids.

‘Wonder Costumes’ Gears Up for Oceanic Halloween

It is the year of the Mermaid transformations, and girls all over the world are inspired to try to look like these magical beings.

Food Hero Mimi Kozma on The Mission to Help Kids With...

Food Hero Mimi Kozma prepares dishes suitable for children with disabilities, launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for her show's second season.
accomplish anything

NASCAR Driver Robert Bakke Asserts ‘Everything is Possible’ in America

Robert Bakke, black belt, jet captain, NASCAR driver and #1 Best selling author of Prayer at Full Throttle says we can accomplish anything we want to.

McAlister’s Deli Partners Up Eclectic Media PR

New Menu Opens up Opportunity for Eclectic Media and McAlister's Deli, one of 2014's Top Franchises in the food and beverage category.
new invention

‘My Cool Inventions’ Collaborate With HSN Radio Network

The next big product idea search begins, as Americas Talk Radio Network and My Cool Inventions present an exciting shark tank program involving listeners.

‘Wonder Costumes’ Offers ‘All-Patriotic Stuff’ to Celebrate 4th of July

It's the time of year to celebrate our American Pride and Wonder Costumes is making that possible. Men love to be patriotic as Uncle Sam and women, Betsy Ross.

Eclectic Media PR Announces New Cutting Edge Logo Design

Eclectic Media PR, a highly esteemed PR and Marketing Firm, is announcing the development of their new cutting edge logo design.

5 Ways To Wear Chinos With Style

Brent Kraus of Ella Bing has been using style to speak, but now he has decided to put these thoughts on paper. Chino cloth is a twill fabric, originally made of 100% cotton.
success on radar

Religion-Free ‘Prayer’ Author Helps America and Success Back on Radar

Bestselling author Robert Bakke goes on the attack, against people who say success is due to a person's class, not their ability.

5 Simple Rules in Becoming a Supremely Confident Gentleman

Is a mild mannered man a tough proposition? How can you become the gentlemen she really wants? Here are ways to make you a better man and a confident gentleman.