‘Mr. Hollywood’ Shannon Rose Livestreams his Life with Meerkat

The man known as “Mr. Hollywood” Shannon Rose is now bringing his everyday movements to Meerkat. Meerkat is the easiest and most powerful way for spontaneous shared experiences.

Press ‘Stream’, and instantly live stream video from your phone to everywhere.

The live-streaming app Meerkat was founded in 2012 by Ben Rubin and Itai Danino. After users install the app, they can sign in using Facebook or manually with an email address, at which point they can find people to watch videos, broadcast their own videos and more.

In its first week, Meerkat acquired 28,000 users. On Thursday, 18,000 of them watched at least one stream; the number of streams watched increased 100 percent from Thursday to Friday. Incredibly, to anyone who has watched one of the shaky-handed, vaguely blurry footage that accounts for most Meerkat streams, more than one-third of users are watching for two or more hours per day.

Meerkat, in other words, is Twitter’s obsession of the moment.

What better way to learn how the video works then by hearing about it from the man who creates a National Radio Show interview off the same feed. Mr. Hollywood Shannon Rose has a Twitter list that sits at 11,000, Instagram over 10,000 and his Facebook count is in upwards of 6,000 followers. Jump on board with the Meerkat Expert himself and see what the new innovation is all about.

Shannon Rose is a Hollywood Reporter, Radio Personality and Publicist, with insider connections in Television and Radio. His media company, Eclectic Media PR continues to catapult his clients into the ultimate realm of success. He is known for bringing new favorite movies, celebrity updates and television shows every week via the ‘Rose Hollywood Report’ and on his all New National Radio Show, Entertainment This Week!.

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